In memory of Gail Kurman Malone

In memory of Gail Kurman Malone

From Jason Greenberg

Gail Kurman Malone passed away October 4, 2013, leaving behind her 3 wonderful children Darrin, Corey & Madison. Any help you can give to them would be greatly appreciated.

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It was July of 2011 that, through the wonders of Facebook, I re-connected with Gail. I had not seen her or spoken with her since graduation from Calhoun High School in 1987. To be honest, I actually was so shy back then, that when I said "Hello" via message, I joked it might have been the first time I ever spoke with her.

So we reminisced about a time that was long past and how life was actually going in 2011. I could feel the indescribable love and pride that she had for her three kids, Darrin, Corey & Madison. They really were everything to her.

When we spoke, on the phone, you could tell how genuine she was. Just really good people.

We talked about meeting up, but life got in the way of living. Time passed and what should have been done yesterday, never happened.

You think you have all the time. One day it suddenly just runs dry.

October 7th was and is my friend Gail's birthday. It's marked there on her Facebook page by many of her friends. People whose lives were made better for having known her. Story after story from people who knew how special she was and what she added to their lives.

And where there should be joy, there is a emptiness.

I can't make sense of this.

All I can do is tell you that this is horrible. It's heartbreaking. It makes me want to cry and punch something at the same time. All that and I will miss her.

I can not even begin to imagine what Gail's passing means for Darrin, Corey & Madison. I won't even try to put any words to the kind of loss that you cannot quantify.

I simply ask that each of us remember to count our blessings and tell the people who matter to us that they do matter to us. Don't let it go unsaid.

Gail matters.

Please donate whatever you can in her honor and memory to help Darrin, Corey & Madison.

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