From Injured Athlete to Coach

From Injured Athlete to Coach

From Ty Charap

After tearing my Achilles tendon, being unable to work, paying out-of-pocket for surgery and my wife working to support us- help me go from injured athlete to coach, and get back in the game!

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This is Coach Ty! I am a husband, athletic coach, five year veteran of the Tel Aviv Pioneers football team of the IFL, and back-to-school student pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. I studied strength coaching at Wingate Institute, the Olympic center of Israel. In August of 2022 I tore my Achilles tendon while training for the Ironman triathlon and at the start of the IFL preseason. 

The injury wasn't covered by health insurance, so my wife and I took out loans to pay the cost of the surgery and follow-up visits (over 10k). The injury lost me my job, which required several miles of walking every day. It stopped me in the process of opening a rooftop gym, where I hoped to help athletes and every day people reach their fitness goals. At the end of December, in my enthusiasm to speed up my rehab and get back to work, I re-injured myself and ultimately extended the timeline of recovery. 

This injury and the hardship it has brought has also taught me many valuable lessons: how to be more resourceful, patient, and tenacious. I have been able to focus on helping others pursue their goals, and to support from the sideline instead of being on the field or in the race.

These lessons have come at a high cost. My wife has been working hard to provide the only income for the household, while the hours I work coaching others and building a business are invested without pay (yet). For some months I had online work but do not have the job skills to compete in that market- I've always worked on my feet. After months of hesitation because of my reluctance to ask for help, I'm now sharing this story with you, hoping that you might be able and willing to aid us reach more stability. We need to recover the cost of the surgery and start paying down the loans and debt accrued as a result of this hardship ($17,000).

I also want to help you. When you donate you will receive a personal email from me, to thank you and offer the coaching that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're an athlete looking to get into peak performance before a competition, or someone who would like to get in a few more steps every day- we can get there together! Reach out at [email protected], or follow the coaching journey on Instagram! @dohardshit

This past year has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling years of my life. It has also been one of the most challenging. I could not have faced these challenges without the support and strength of my wife, partner and best friend - Chen. Help me make 2023 better for her, and all the people who I am honored with the ability to coach and assist.

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