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Excitement led me to become a Harriett's Daughters board member to provide services to girls who experience grief from experiences with a mother with terminal cancer. We are working on reaching the realization of our mission and vision through establishing our programs, which are briefly described below. We've been working hard and will soon begin our first program!!! I pray that you can envision the effects Harriett's Daughters will have on the young women it touches and share my excitement. I hope that your excitement moves you to make a donation and help us reach our goals. Your donation will go a long way to help provide these vital services. No donation is too small. Jackie Thompson, Board Member

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Our Mission: To support, inspire, and empower girls who have lost their mother to cancer or whose mother is dying from cancer. 

Our Vision: To make a positive impact in the lives of girls at every stage of the grief process, while fostering hope for a fulfilling future. 

Our Approach: Harriett's Daughters strives to be the soft landing for girls who have lost their mother to cancer or whose mother is dying from cancer. Our goal is to provide consultation and family support services, mentoring programs, scholarships, and research-based programs for school-aged girls in the Greater Atlanta area. We largely focus on supporting girls through their grieving and mourning process, inspiring girls to pursue their ambitions, and empowering girls to dream and make choices that will propel them into a fulfilling future.

We believe that when a girl has a structured set of experiences during her mother’s battle with cancer and after she dies, those experiences can be the catalyst for healing and transformation. 

As a team, we are challenged and committed to ensuring our vision and mission are fulfilled. And, we look forward to serving the many communities in need of our help. To learn more about our organization and other ways you can get involved, please visit us at www.harriettsdaughters.org. 

Harriett's Daughters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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