Jared Jeffrey Davis:Skill of the future: Business design

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Jared Jeffrey Davis:Skill of the future: Business design

From Minaimran Aliseo

At the same time, Jared Jeffrey Davis has taken the steps to understand and implement the latest Business Design although it is a developing field. He is moving in this direction with full force. What is your most via...

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The end of pure Design Thinking is finally upon us. Jared Jeffrey Davis understood that and took the necessary steps in the right direction. You see, for several years now, we've seen Design Thinking and other similar prospects develop to help entrepreneurs and managers create their products. These were some of the best tools to create desirability in customers. But when it comes to creating a sustainable business model, they often lag behind.


To move in the best direction possible, Jared Jeffrey Davis has stepped up to incorporate Business Design as the best remedy to create a sustainable business model. The previous concepts like design thinking have fallen by the wayside, giving way to Business Design.

Don't confuse business ideas with a business model

This is a crucial distinction as business design is on the rise. There's been a number of influential books published in the last several years with the focus clearly on the creation and development of business models. In the startup arena, they received lots of attention.


An important aspect of doing business has been the business model. Yet recently there is a new push for designing of new businesses. This has come about because of the rise of so many startups, and the phenomenon of markets that change so quickly.


Technological prospects are also evolving and business models are having to make that important shift as well. Because of these circumstances, the old and traditional business models are forced to change. They can no longer stay viable as they are. Because of new opportunities in technology, the new business models are more lean and changes come quite fast.


The concept of business design bring in tools and methods that develops and tests business models. It also differentiates between a service that is just a marketing ploy and one that is a sustainable business model.


There are prominent schools that teach business design like the International Design Business Master at Aalto University in Helsinki, Leadership in Digital Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. These institutions are important, but this is still largely a developing field and is still in the stages of formalization.

Business Design: Four working definitions

Going along with this openness, I'll not be able to give a final definition of business design but present several options that we commonly use in our daily tasks.


1. Business design is the application of methods of design and the processes which define development and innovation in models of businesses.


2. Business design is all about the creation of value and capturing value.


3. Business design is the transformation of a value proposition to the level of real business value.


4. Business design is the task of making sense of current value creation due to thinking in relations.

The process of Business Design

As a new systematic approach, business design is unique. It articulates assumptions, it tests prototypes, and has iteration and quick learning associated with it. Here are three steps we follow.


1. Have a clear understanding of the market, the players with their constituents and forces; then move on to translate cross-industry practices and articulate the assumptions.


2. Move on to develop the prototype of the business model, evaluate and identify its critical assumptions regarding the process of business.


3. As you put your model to work, test it out, learn from the test, and iterate.


In our day to day processes we work with and collaborate in teams of designers and software developers to help integrate our business model to connect the value proposition of our products.


It is a crucial perspective for entrepreneurs and managers to think business design. It helps them by developing their design and build their business to the next level. This approach of being systematic allows for the testing of the viability of ideas that are new and with only a few resources. Jared Jeffrey Davis has understood that in the future this will lead to the critical competence that's needed to decide on success in a market that is accelerating.


At the same time, Jared Jeffrey Davis has taken the steps to understand and implement the latest Business Design although it is a developing field. He is moving in this direction with full force. What is your most viable definition of business design?

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