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I’m looking to raise money for my golden retriever, Duke. He is in desperate need of jaw surgery. Normally, this is not something I would do, but Duke and I really need some help getting the funds to pay for his surgery.

I got Duke in January of this year from a breeder in Eastern Ohio. He instantly become my best friend. I noticed he had an issue with his eye tearing up and we took him to the vet as soon as we got him. The vet recommended entropion surgery to help keep his eyelids from turning inwards. During this surgery, the veterinarian found a far worse diagnosis for Duke. His jaw joint is fused on his left side, not allowing for him to open his mouth past a half inch. Not only was his jaw broke but his skull and eye socket had been pushed back which is causing his eye issue. Duke was referred to a dentist/oral surgeon specialist that gave options for treating his jaw. He explained that the only way this could have happened was from a severe traumatic injury before he was 8 weeks old. This was likely due to being kicked or hit by the breeder and they didn’t get him the medical attention he needed. This information was not disclosed to me, nor had he shown any symptoms of distress when I picked him up at 13 weeks old. I am appalled that someone would do this to such a sweet and innocent puppy and not get them the treatment they need. His eyes continually tear up and drain. He’s had one eye surgery so far and has been on multiple rounds on l antibiotics and eye ointments. Since the jaw is fused, he has a very hard time eating because he can’t use his teeth or chew correctly. It’s extremely difficult for him to drink water since his mouth will not open enough to get his tongue out. He has to drink from a hamster feeder with straw and work to get it between his back teeth to get his water. We have to be very careful because he can over heat easily and he can’t pant like most dogs. He’s never been able to chew on bones or eat treats. He’s truly suffering from what this breeder caused and didn’t treat. The vet explained that if he were to ever get hurt or need a surgery that they would just have to put him down because they can’t sedate or intubate him since his jaw won’t open. So this means he can’t even be neutered, unless we can fix his jaw. I’ve already spent a lot of money with the eye surgery and all of the medications and extra vet visits, so paying for this jaw procedure is out of my means.

Surgery will consist of a CT, tracheostomy, and removing the excess bone that is a result of the injury and neglect of the breeder. I am heartbroken as this is my only option of giving Duke the best quality of life that he deserves. The surgical estimate is $8500 for his jaw. He also will need another eye surgery after the jaw surgery is complete, because this is another outcome of his injury and cannot be entirely resolved until after his jaw is treated. I am thankful that he found me because I am willing to do anything in my power to help this sweet baby

I thank you in advance for any help you can provide us, big or small.

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