Jerri Ecclestone's Bed

Jerri Ecclestone's Bed

From Meg Robertson

I have a low-income, senior disabled friend who is homebound. Her bed has given out and she is unable to sleep on it. She needs a new bed and cannot pay for one.

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I am a retired Navy chaplain who has a nonprofit that usually helps needy foster families and veterans but sometimes will take on other needy individuals.  Jerri is one of them.  

Her bed has a ravine down the middle of it and has just worn out.  She can no longer sleep on it without it giving her breathing problems.  Jerri uses a cpap machine at night and must have a bed that she can sleep in in order for her to breathe well at night.  Otherwise, lack of sleep exacerhates her hallucinations and cannot function during the day.  Getting a new bed for her is not just so that she can get an upgrade  It is a health need.

She is looking at various options like the church, her friends, Craigslist, Habitat for Humanity, and her family.  She has been unable to come up with a solution so I am seeking to assist her by using Fundly.  I have donated $25.  She is hoping to get enough to pay for a new queen bed, box springs, a frame, a machine that will sterilize her cpap equipment and then donate the rest to her church who has given her so much.  

Jerri is so good at raising funds for others but has difficulty communicating what she truly needs for herself.  I will monitor the funds, receipts and distribution through my nonprofit to make sure it is legit.  My nonprofit website is: and all proceeds are tax deductable.  

I hope that each can give a little.  I know there are so many needs out there.  Jerri wants to get to a place so that she can "pay it forward."

Making a donation is super easy! Simply visit my campaign page and click donate. Any amount makes a difference!

- Meg Robertson (Jerri's friend)

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