Justice for Innocent Teachers

Justice for Innocent Teachers

From Johnathan Roberson

We need capital to be successful in campaigning for truth and transparency in policing. For campaigning against bias and racial discrimination in policing. To sue the Bellingham PD to bring about meaningful change.

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My name is JD Connor and I have a gift. Okay, maybe a series of gifts but it allows me to gather a deep understanding of subject- matter. This gift allowed me to enter the field of law 20 years ago as a nonlawyer representative in the justice of the peace courts of Austin Texas. I've been representing people domestically and even sometimes internationally over the last 20 years.

The dichotomy of racial discrimination and socioeconomic struggles is extremely real. Although I've amassed the skills and intelligence of someone making six figures, constant struggles and setbacks based on my perceived race have well… Made me struggle and set me back.

Donating to this cause will not only help the three teachers from Squalicum High School in Bellingham emerge victorious in their upcoming criminal trial, but it will help me establish a footing towards unbelievable success and a lifetime of defending the marginalized. Succeeding in spreading the word and donating to my ability to articulate what Bellingham Police Department and the Whatcom County prosecuting Attorney's office have done may also give the three high school administrators a chance to sue the city of Bellingham for malicious prosecution, thereby giving pause to any other Police Department in the state who wishes to stretch the well-defined meaning of the Washington mandatory law statute.

If you believe in education and the power of knowledge, donating to my cause is tantamount to changing the future.

I believe that I have invented the intellectual property for a device that creates electricity from the interplay of magnets. Without capital, there's no way to test it. But also, there's no way to get capital without the intellectual property being patented and trademarked. There is also no way to fight racial discrimination and systematic bias in the Bellingham politisphere without dedicating every single last ounce of my effort. This is in addition to being a single parent of 2 Five-Year old boys with developmental and trauma issues.

This is the negative effects of bias played out in full view.

They say one has to fight fire with fire. I think that helping me spread the truth will not only put out this culture war fire, but will also prevent future flair-ups.

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