Kats Relocation Fund

Kats Relocation Fund

From Kat Blk

I'm reaching out and asking for mutual aid from my community and friends to secure stable, safe, affordable housing for both me and my son in a new state due to being a victim of violence related to trans identity.

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As you know the southern states are (and increasingly so) becoming more and more discriminatory towards transgendered persons. This combined with the need to leave for safety reasons prompted my current relocation plans. I've made decent progress in this goal thus far but in light of the current issue at hand, I'm worried it will halt my progress and affect the move. I struggled writing this because I do not expect handouts. That mindset and my desire to be “strong”, has made it extremely difficult for me to reach out for help. However, I realize that that is something I can no longer avoid. I have remained persistent and determined to live authentically but the journey has been particularly challenging as an individual who is openly queer, trans, and a single parent. The current resources available to Black-Trans Masculine individuals are slim to nonexistent and I've exhausted most of the possible avenues that could be of help at this point.

Last year brought unexpected job loss, physical assault, and the loss of my living accommodations. Having sole custody of an adolescent complicates navigating through these challenges more than difficult. Like a large percentage of the Trans/GNC population we face discrimination in securing employment, so most of my current income has been obtained through survival sex work. Unfortunately this is now being used as a weapon by the uninvolved parent to paint the narrative of being unfit. While I have no shame in what I do, and have done well enough to provide my child with stability, I can not currently continue this work openly without further risking my custody. The state, and most of society for that matter, frowns highly upon sex work so it's not a risk I can take lightly when it comes to legal matters.

The funds raised will go towards:

-the rest of the amount needed to put

down the security deposit,

-basic moving costs (supplies, moving

truck, gas)

-new utilities (gas, water, internet)

-any miscellaneous costs/issues that

may come up during the move.

Our anticipated move in date is upcoming soon in April1. I know that we’re all living in peculiar times and most people are trying to figure out how to survive as well. Any help at all, no matter the amount, would be amazing and forever appreciated. If you don't have expendable income, simply sharing would be more help than you realize.

With love and much gratitude


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