Keep Insomnia at Bay with the Hypnos Pillow top Mattress

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Every day, on average we spend eight hours in bed. Whether you spend this time sleeping peacefully or tossing and turning will depend a great deal on your mattress. Hypnos pillow top mattresses are handcrafted and use premium quality materials to ensure that you enjoy a peaceful sleep. It will help you to enjoy a peaceful sleep by reducing the pressure points on your body. However, you should know that there is no single standard mattress type for everybody. You must buy the right Hypnos mattress based on your body weight and sleeping positions.

Extra firm Hypnos mattress for heavier people for a peaceful sleep

If you are on the heavier side, you should never buy a soft mattress. A soft mattress will not be able to give your body the proper support it needs when you are lying on top of it. You may sink even further into the mattress, which will make the surface uneven, making it uncomfortable for you to sleep peacefully. Therefore, choose an extra firm Hypnos mattress. It can give your body the support it needs and gives you an even surface to sleep without any discomfort.

Side sleepers can enjoy comfortable sleep on medium Hypnos mattresses

If you are a side sleeper, you should invest in a Hypnos medium firm category mattress. Individuals who sleep on their side, feel pressure on their shoulders and hips. You will find it hard to sleep if your body is feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, you should buy the medium Hypnos pillow top mattress. The softer upper layer of the mattress will allow your body to sink a bit when you sleep on your side. This will help in reducing the pressure point in your body, and you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

3. Firm Hypnos Mattress – Perfect sleeping solution for those who sleep on their back

If you like to sleep on your stomach or your back, you will need a thick and firm mattress. It will give your body the proper support so that you can lie comfortably for an extended period and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

4. A lightweight person can choose the medium category Hypnos mattress

If you have back pain, or you are comparatively lightweight, our premium quality soft mattress will provide more comfort to your body and help you to sleep peacefully.


When you use the right mattress, it helps in resolving some of the issues that are contributing to your sleep disorder. High premium Hypnos pillow top mattresses are designed in such a way that they help in aligning your spine, giving your body the proper support for various sleeping positions and increasing your comfort. This will make your body comfortable, and you can enjoy a good night's sleep. All Hypnos mattresses are handcrafted and use high-quality materials to provide you with the ultimate sleeping comfort. To know more about our products and their prices, call us now.

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