Keepin' Davy Afloat

Keepin' Davy Afloat

From Heidi Knox Setaro

On Jan. 31, 2024, Davy suffered cardiac arrest while working a sound gig. Davy can't work or live unsupervised or unassisted. Heidi gives 24/7 care, works, and is doing her best to keep them afloat until Davy is back!

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Thank you so much for supporting our adventure in healing!

The Event

On January 31, 2024, Davy suffered a serious cardiac arrest while working a sound gig. Thanks to Bree and her perfect CPR, Davy is alive today. He was resuscitated three times before arriving in the ICU. It's estimated he went without oxygen to his brain for 10 to 12 minutes. His heart and lungs were stabilized within days however he will be fighting to heal from damage caused by the lack of oxygen to his brain for the next year or more. No one knows how much he will regain or when.

The Healing

Davy's passion for music, performing, and sharing his music has been his strong suit from the moment he woke up in the ICU several days after the cardiac event. Other parts of his brain have much more healing to do in order for him to get back to his old self. We WILL get there! This process is like dementia in reverse. He has a great attitude and is working hard to battle the confusion and fatigue.

The Need

Davy can't work, earn, or even live unsupervised or unassisted. He needs 24 hour care and lots of love to keep him safe and on his way to healing. I am Davy's partner, Heidi. I work three jobs, primarily remotely, as well as gladly care for Davy. This initial part of our adventure has been financially draining. I am literally trying to stay afloat.

In a few months I hope to be Davy's paid caregiver at home through IHHS, if approved. That will bridge the gap allowing me to provide complete financial stability on my own.

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