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A total of 18 of us (15 students and 5 teachers) made the trip to Chitwan, Nepal in February. It was a long flight from Barcelona to Katmandu via Dubai then 13 hours by bus to the town of Chitwan. 

We jumped right into daily life teaching kids and building a new brick wall around the school. The 40 kilos of mostly school supplies we brought along were HUGELY APPRECIATED. The soccer balls and a massive supply of tootsie pops were also a big hit. We packed a Polaroid camera and tons of film so each kid took home a school picture. Two teacher salaries are paid up for the year. School is on!

The caregivers and teachers we met were incredibly dedicated and kind. Our Indian bricklayer "boss" was all business and got darn good results from complete amateurs. Over the 2+ weeks of our program there was also time to visit an orphanage, ride elephants and tour a national park. Check out our photos!

Thank so much for your support!


We're 11th grade students at the American School in Barcelona.  In February 2018 we'll head to Chitwan, Nepal to help build a new school and teach languages to kids age 6 to 13. 

Our plan is arrive loaded down with classroom supplies plus enough money to cover the cost of a teacher for one year. Bake sales, childcare, tutoring…you name it! We’re working hard to raise our share of the money.  

We’d be grateful for any contribution you can make towards our goal of providing pencils, chalk, books, building materials AND a the salary for one really great local teacher!

We’ve created a few sponsorship ideas to inspire you. We promise that every donation will go into our duffle bags and be hand delivered to Nepal.

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