Lenni’s College Fund/Investment Account

Lenni’s College Fund/Investment Account

From Corey Paquette

If you ever feel like spoiling Lennon on her birthday or Christmas, please consider passing on the toy and instead contribute to her investment account! Every penny counts!

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With the help of friends and family, our goal is to build an investment account for Lenni as she grows up. For those that would rather contribute to her financial future in lieu of a physical gift, I will be sending out this link twice a year (around her birthday and Christmas). 

The average stock market return over the past 30 years has been approx. 10%. At this rate, investing just $1,200 ($100 per month) at Lennon's age now will yield her $197,392.83 when she turns 30! If she were to wait until she was 20 years old to start investing this same amount, her total investment would only be worth $19,124.91 by age 30.

Every penny counts! Compound interest is a powerful thing so its never too early to start.

We don't ever want anyone to feel obligated to contribute here. However, if you're already planning on spoiling our little wild child, her nerd dad begs you to consider putting those dollars to work here and not on a toy she'll likely never remember. She'll thank us all for it someday. 

Thank you!

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