Let's help Lashayla become a travel nurse

Let's help Lashayla become a travel nurse

From Lashayla caper Ton

I'm raising money to support my dream to becoming a travel nurse. Donations will be used to pay off and textbooks and educational expenses required for nursing school. it will give me the opportunity to give back.

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I come from a working-class family and even though I wasn’t born into a wealthy one, me, my siblings, and my parents made efforts to survive and provide the basic necessities of life. My parents (mother doing housekeeping and my father being a handyman around the neighborhood) worked part-time, while me and my siblings all worked weekly jobs to contribute to the family income. With a limited educated background, my parents mostly accepted low-paying jobs. They earned just  enough to pay off house expenses and provide food resources. Being in a financial situation,I knew it would be difficult for them to provide such funds to help pay for college. Despite my family difficulties, I’ve made it to college and even still, I faced some of those same financial issues. As a college student, it is significant and essential to have a meal plan and a job while on campus. As a freshman, My first semester on campus was tough and I had neither. Without a meal plan or job I focused more on my academic progress and passing my classes. Although this was good, I still needed food, clothes,and money to afford other expensive textbooks required for each course I was taking. personally, I had to take out both a subsidized and unsubsidized loan to cause less dependence on my family. As much as I didn’t want to take out a loan, I knew it was necessary and I didn't want to worry or stress my parents out. Plus,  I did it to cover textbooks and other college expenses. My career plans include: getting into the nursing program at the Lowenburg college, getting my bachelor’s of science in Nursing degree (BSN), and starting internships at clinics, hospitals, and medical facilities such as st.judes’, Chi memorial, or erlanger. My long-term goals include starting my career in the medical field as a full-time travel nurse. Specifically, I want to work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the most rural areas where medical attention is not provided. Growing up, within the environment that surrounded me, I not only experienced but watched how poverty affected the people in my community. Experiencing such a thing made me feel blessed and grateful to even be in college despite the hopelessness and mediocrity that surrounded me. After many hardships, I can never say I watched my family give up and given the chance to be in college, motivates me to not give up as well. As a travel nurse, it will not only give me the opportunity to give back to my community but also give me the chance to help people around the world who grew up,live in a community like mine, or maybe even inspire a young male or female to step outside of their comfort zone and to not let any circumstances or situations stop you from what you love doing most. I truly and deeply appreciate any funds provided.

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