Levite Alms' Facilities Development And Business Operations

Levite Alms' Facilities Development And Business Operations

From Wendell Francis

Levite Alms is seeking to establish facilities in America and other countries that can provide necessary spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. We also ask for support to maintain our place of operation.

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Greetings everyone,Levite Alms is a NYC-based not-for-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization for public and societal benefit.For the past few years, we at Levite Alms have been doing what we can to help stabilize the lives of individuals and the environment of an underserved community. As employees and founders who live in New York, we have been able to better understand the needs of the people and the city.We realized that people need selfless adequate care. Whatever the symptoms that are plaguing individuals, specific remedies are needed. Levite Alms' grassroots experience with trial and error has granted us insight into what is more practical as a necessity for all people.We at Levite Alms believe in a Creator of all things. We do not expect anyone to possess the same beliefs that we do. We strive to assist all beings with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and prudence. Some of the things that aid us in our quest to help others are our innate intent andbetter. Each employee's and founder's spirit, mind, and body are designed and are still being developed to take on societal needs.Although Levite Alms focuses on adults, our primary care is toward the youths. At such an impressionable point in their lives, susceptible they are to changing for the better after they have been tainted with trauma and a morally dismal existence. None of the youths volunteered to be born, undervalued, impoverished, or to start a war.With such factors as war, inflation, marginalization, natural disasters, disease, famine, and homelessness, they can cause many to gravitate towards migration and/or unscrupulous acts. If people are cultivated, especially the youths, in a specifically well-structured way that is designed to suit dilemmas.With these issues and others at the forefront, Levite Alms is seeking to establish facilities in America and other countries that can house anyone in need of shelter. While providing shelter, we aim to have these facilities provide the necessary spiritual, mental, and physical foundation for all that we embrace.Some of the things we'd be offering are meditation, fasting, praying, a workout space, reading, writing, arithmetic, languages,and more. All of which can promote proper balance in one's being.We are hoping to expand our outreach to other countries. The other countries we'd initially like to aid besides America, are Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, South Korea, Russia, China, Japan, India, and all of the Caribbean.We know that sounds like a lot and it may seem as though they may not need the aid. Rather, please, take the time to do your due diligence by researching these countries thoroughly and then decide if you think our cause is worth your support. Also, after all the gathering of information via the internet, books, newspapers, and word-of-mouth, anyone would still have to survey a place with their own eyes and speak to denizens of that region, to get a better understanding of their plight.May we add, that regardless of whether a nation is considered an enemy or contrary to your beliefs doesn't mean they can not and should not be provided aid. We at Levite Alms know that there are people that we may have helped and may not approve of us as individuals, or as a non-profit. It doesn't matter to us. All things needthe appropriate care.Anyone willing to support us, in order, to do reconnaissance and research that will enable Levite Alms to implement the best logistical strategy, and then be able to acquire essential resources to service people and environments to the best of our ability, is extremely welcome!Lastly, we ask for support to maintain our place of operation. Since our conception, we haven't received any financial public support of any kind. All financial burden and the majority of items we've donated has fallen on the shoulders of the founders, employees, and their family.We completely understand if anyone doesn't want to or isn't capable of supporting us. All we ask is that you please, find a just way to aid someone directly or indirectly.Everyone despite your present challenges, be hopeful that positive change in your and others' present state can be met. Hold on to the desire to behold betterment. Do not become stiff-necked and heart-hardened due to suffering and oppression. During your discomfort, try to help others as best as possible. While going through your affliction be steadfast to achieving righteousness.

May peace, love, and righteousness prevail within you all!


All of us at Levite Alms

Visit us at: www.leviteals.org 

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