life after murder

life after murder

From Megan Whittington

we abandoned our home i year ago due to witnessing my father suffer intensily for hours being overdosednbefore he took his last breath. Since then we have been homeless with nothing

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httpBlue Ridge Hospice of Winchester, Va., led by Dr. Richard Milligan, with only meeting my Dad and myself for the first time in our home chose to carelessly, and neglectfully treat my Father in such a horrific manner by refusing to hear and care for our concerns. Within 5 minutes of meeting this man in our home he disregarded our concerns as to why and fear of my dad having a bad reaction because the IVpain pump with Dilaudid was helping his pain he was fine. My Dad at one point stopped Milligan asking if he could take the Dilaudid tablets rather than Fentenal and he expressed his fear of that medication. He was ignored again. I am not only his loyal daughter, I was my Daddy's caregiver, and now Advocate. We were both brushed aside and ignored when Milligan was adamant that the Fentenal was being prescribed and administered by a hospice nurse as soon as the following morning which was December 20, 2018. The Fentenal patch was placed behind his right ear, the following day on December 20, 2018. By that night my Dad was starting to hullucinate and confused as to where we were and we were in his room. I called Hospice requesting they return the Dilaudid pain box explaining my dad was acting strangely so they agreed to come check him out.. So a little later we fell asleep and when we woke up my oldest brother showed up to surprise my dad and he was completely unaware of the horror he was going to walk into. I will save the details for a later time if need be. Any good memories I had with my Dad have been completely distorted and overrun with those last horrific hours I spent with him. My strength had been stolen, crumbled and turned to fear of helplessness, overruled with Injustice. The horrific memories haunt me to the core of my being. They consume my thoughts throughout the day. In any conversation or interaction with others that I am confronted with I find myself completely disengaged, with flashbacks of my Dad suffering racing through my head, because what are simple words to most, trigger the everlasting torment of watching my Dad suffer intensely for hours not understanding until I started doing my own investigation. I witnessed my Dad suffer with no relief throughout the day of December 21, 2018 along with my sister Jessica and her husband Kenneth, my brother Jonathan, my two sons, Brayden and Alic along with other family members that were in and out that day. With my youngest brother Ethan on the four day trip from North Dakota, returning to find the wreckage that awaited. It has caused great harm physically and mentally on my family as it has been to painful for us as a family to even discuss. I myself have been clinically diagnosed with P.T.S.D., as well as, extremely vivid night terrors that contribute to Insomnia. My children suffer with sleep disorders and depression due to the agony and suffering enflicted on their Paw Paw that they as well were a witness to.We need a home and I ask if you can help a little you would be making huge difference for the best for family

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