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My surgery is scheduled and due to the size of my fibroid (21 cm), I'll have to have an open myomectomy with a longer c-section incision and I'll need to stay at the hospital for 2 nights. I was really hoping to have it done laparoscopically but sadly it's too large. My recovery will be around 6 weeks long. Since I'm self-employed as a freelancer and the pain caused by the fibroid has been limiting my ability to work, I won't be earning any income during my leave and will also have to keep paying my rent, utilities, and other bills. Additionally, the surgery will cost us the remaining amount of our deductible (~$2,500).Asking for help isn't easy for me but it's what I have to do now. I'm actively looking for a job but I have surgery soon, I'll need help with bills as I have to rest for 6 weeks. I won't be able to work and I will only be able to go to job interviews physically after 6 weeks.My credit card is already exhausted and I am on my last dollar to be able to make it to next month.If you are reading this and can't help financially but can recommend a virtual job, I would appreciate it.Anything will help. God Bless

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