Loan for Health and Home

Loan for Health and Home

From Eddie Gonzalez

I'm asking for a loan to provide for my health and home, please look under the heading "More Info", for specifics on loan, thank you.

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More Info

While people on this site are looking for crowd funding and for donations, my goal is a loan and a single individual.

The funds will be used in 2 ways. 1st way will be for my health, and 2nd will be for a home.

I have always been told not to rent but to buy to own. I been told that if I rent I will never own, but in the grand scheme of existence it would appear that nobody owns anything, since once we die we do not take anything with us. All wealth stays behind.

Given the metaphysical reality of our nature the purpose of this is to rent through the mechanism of a loan with the terms greatly in my favor.

I am asking for 2.4 million dollar loan, I will pay back the loan with monthly installment payments of one thousand dollars for the rest of my life.

If the loan is not payed in full when I die the property and anything in it will be yours/estate/family/trust etc. to do as you wish (sell, rent, keep, etc.)

In the event even though extremely unlikely, if I am able to repay back the total amount for the loan early, there will be no early pay off fee or any other kind of fee whatsoever, except for a one time fee for interest.

Early loan repayment will be calculated as follow:[(2,400,000 - Total monthly payments to date) x Federal Reserve rate at time of early total loan repayment]

The repayment of the loan will start 6 months after funds are received. The loan can not be called back (loan recall), but will stay in place till maturity, which will be my life span.

If you have any questions want to add or modify my terms please let me know.

Please provide any contractual documentation you wish me to sign. Also, please provide instructions on your preferred way to receive the monthly payments of 1 thousand dollars.

This is the best I can do, hope its enough for your consideration, thank you.

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