Louie Fights Heartworm

Louie Fights Heartworm

From Karisa McCormick

Louie is going through Heartworm treatment and has had an adverse reaction to the Immiticide injections used to kill heartworms. He is requiring veterinary hospitalization for his next two shots, which is very pricey.

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Louie was a stray pup found in Georgia during the flooding in August 2018. Luckily, he was found and brought to a shelter. Louie was in a high kill shelter and his date was scheduled for euthanasia. The Lehigh Valley Humane Society swooped in and brought him up north. Thats when Louie found me! Unfortunately, from his time in the south he must have been bit by a mosquito carrying heartworm infected blood. Heartworm preventatives like Heartguard only work on the baby worms, but Lou had adults because he was bit as a puppy. The only treatment for adult heartworms is a 9 month process involving antibiotics, steroids, sedatives and arsenic compound injections. Coupled with all the meds, Louie is not allowed to be too mobile or have fun with other doggos. 

The reason I am here asking for help is because Louie had his first injection of Immiticide in the muscle December 4th and he had an extremely poor adverse reaction. Louie was crying and wincing in pain for hours followed by shivering and hyperventilating. Due to this reaction his next 2 injections are requiring veterinary hospitalization. As you can imagine this is expensive on top of the oral med plus the $423 for each injection. 

IF you know Louie, then you know the sweetest soul. He is the best thing to ever happen to me and I just want the best for him and smooth treatment and recovery for him. If you have the means, please consider donating to help him and I out!

PS- if your dog is not on monthly heartworm preventatives do it now! Also, a topical flea, tick, and mosquito repellent is highly advised! e.g. Advantix and Vectra

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