Polar Plunge Campaign

Polar Plunge Campaign

From Lucy Lin

I am fundraising for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network Polar Plunge to fight global warming and climate change. Help us #KeepWinterCold https://us-p2p.e-activist.com/4544/brrrrtual-polar-bear-plunge/98364/lucyylinn

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We’re all impacted every day by climate change. With irregular climate changes, there will be irregular distribution of agricultural activity and productivity, affecting our food source. We will lose a crucial indicator of insect-borne diseases, and we will continue to see warmer temperatures cause greater amounts of droughts and forest fires. We’re at a crucial spot where, eventually, there will be no going back for our environment. 

This past school year, my club and I have worked hard to maintain my high school's first-ever climate change club, Churchill for Climate, virtually. My friends and I founded it last year, and we are continuing our progress with hard work and dedication. Last year, we worked on creating our county's first public school compost program, although it did get cut short when school became virtual. Recently, we have been discussing environmental racism and what is in store for our future under the new Biden administration.

A major event that we will be participating in next month is the annual Polar Bear Plunge. We took part in the plunge last year too and were able to raise over $3600. Most years, many climate activists run into the icy Potomac River. However, this year it will be done virtually because of COVID-19. It will take place on February 13th. Please join our plunge team, so together, we can experience what winter should truly feel like. We can all run in the icy water together as joint advocates for the environment.

If you do not want to plunge, but still want to offer support to this cause, please pledge money to my plunge campaign. All the money that I raise will go to The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) to fight local global warming and climate change. From making solar energy more accessible to stopping the construction of destructive pipelines, CCAN covers it all in our fight for the environment. I’m linking my plunge page right here so you can either donate on this page or directly to the organization to make a difference: 


The members and I have sincerely been working our very hardest to do our part in keeping the earth healthy. However, the climate crisis is not something we students can solve on our own. I am hoping that some of you will be willing to contribute to our mission. Every dollar is one step closer to our goal. 

Please help us #KeepWinterCold !

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