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I am a mother of three with 1 income SS. Not nearly enough to take care of a family and get the medical treatment that is required in order to keep me moving. I have the more progressive stage of ms so missing one treaatment will quickly make me imobile. I am on Tysabri which is a very expensive drug. I need it to stay active with my young children I do not want to be bed ridden and have to miss out on the most important moments in there lives. They grow so fast and these are the years that you can never get back. No I can not do everything I would like with them but for the most part I am no longer in a wheel chair, are having to stay in bed all the time so I can make some memories with them while they are still in my care. I would like to thank you each and every one of you in advance. Even if your not able to help thanks for stopping by and giving me a little bit of your time.

                                                  Thanks To All

                                                               B. Watson

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