Woman Life Freedom Murals around the World

Woman Life Freedom Murals around the World

From Hooman Khalili

I am raising funds to create Women Life Freedom Murals in Israel These Murals serve as a powerful source of inspiration for anyone who advocates for women's rights in the Middle East

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The Country of Israel asked me to design murals to support the people of Iran fighting for basic human rights. (how they found me and why they chose me is another long story - but, I am the only artist in the world they asked to do this)

  • The 1st mural was unveiled on January 9th in Jerusalem
  • The 2nd mural was unveiled on January 31st in Nazareth –
  • The 3rd mural was unveiled on March 2nd in Jerusalem
  • The 4th mural was unveiled on March 27th in Natanya.This 4th mural demonstrates how brutal the Iranian regime has been, as it depicts Niloofar Aghaei, a nurse who protested.The Islamic regime purposely shot out her eye, as punishment for protesting, one of many sick ways the regimetries to discourage protesting  
  • The 5th mural was unveiled on May 2nd in Netanya
  • The 6th Mural was unveiled on June 2nd in Downtown LA with the crown Princess of Iran in attendance

So right now I am personally funding this - And I am designing all the murals too. I'm sure you can tell that the geopolitical impact of this is huge.

 My goal is complete 18 murals in total, My hope is for this project to bring the Israeli and Iranian people together. In other words, my goal is twofold:1) I need the world to see that the Jews are standing with the Iranian people against the Islamic Regime (antisemitism is out of control right now - I saw the 1st mural transform 100 hearts that were full of antisemitism 1 month ago)2) this revolution is a fire and this fire needs to be hot and big Every time I create a mural I am throwing a huge log into this fire... I am here to inspire the people in Iran to keep fighting and keep protesting against this tyrannical Islamic Regime

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