Mamma Gi-Gi & Kittens

Mamma Gi-Gi & Kittens

From Laura Seeley

Mamma Gi-gi and her 3 kittens were found at a rest stop along I-69 in Michigan. We found out Mamma Gi-gi was pregnant, and Is Currently in labor- she has had 7 out of 9 kittens!(Sept 1st)

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Mamma Gi-Gi and her 5 kittens were found at a rest stop along I-69 in Michigan. At the time it was Mama Gi-gi and her 5 kittens. The Cat Ambassador, and their volunteers, and local community members ruthlessly dedicated their time to trying to trap this cat family. Alisha in particular spent 9pm- 6am one day working to catch the babies! For a week this team was dedicated to this family in need. 

One by one, the kittens were caught. It certainly takes a Village! The black kitten, was Named Alex. This name comes from the young man who alerted the Cat Ambassador that a injured kitten needed help. 

Mama Gi-gi and her kittens went to the vet, and it was revealed that she  was very much expecting kittens. Two days later mama Gi-gi went into labor! Currently as of Sept.1,  SEVEN new babies have been born. There are currently 2 more unborn kittens. We are hoping we do not have to do an emergency c-section($4,000-$5,500!).  The funds raised will go toward this very sweet mama and her saga of all of her babies. They will be vetted, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and put up for adoption!  We estimate the older kittens are about 10-12 weeks old and will be up for adoption in about a month or two. :) 

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