Mars Quest Film & Mars Eclipse Soundtrack

Mars Quest Film & Mars Eclipse Soundtrack

From Antonio (Tony) Newton

We are raising money for our Mars Quest Film, which is very Entertaining and Educational

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My name is Antonio (Tony) Newton, hello all and thank you for your interest and stopping by. My routes in music first started in Detroit, that lead my career as a music hall of famer, legendary Motown artist, Progressive Jazz-Rock Bassist, Composer, and Produce 

  • Our journey to make the "Mars Quest" Film started years ago when I had the idea to arrange a new version of "Mars Eclipse" to expand the conventions of Jazz-Rock fusion with innovative approaches, providing the genre. Gustav Holst, the acclaimed Composer of the "Planets Suite" and Multi-Award-Winning Composer, was the inspiration to my vision. "Mars Quest" will also feature the English composer, Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” suite, music, as I bring the 1914 orchestral arrangement into a completely new musical realm, along with many of his original songs.

    “Mars (Eclipse)” takes its primary cues from Holst’s “Mars, The Bringer of War”, the first movement in “The Planets”, which had its meaning described as “the chaotic energy of youth, the misuse of the will, the desire for revolutionary action.”

    In real life, as when we landed on the Moon. Every television around the world was on and a crowd of people around it. One catch! Space movies are expensive to make along with marketing, prints & advertising. We are fortunate in that for our purposes in this specific situation and concept, we can purchase videos as well as use actual footage from NASA public domain videos. The primary focus of this EStreamVision project is to present music in a new and exciting way through the use of putting images to the music instead of the traditional soundscore to images. This approach allows the viewer-listener to have a fully immersive experience as the music tells the story. There will also be moments of dramatic storytelling V.O. dialogue as well as screen-text scrolls to guide the story along at appropriate places within the overall soundscape. We also are planning and concepts are also in the works for a "Mars Quest Virtual Experience", as well as entry into the crypto NFT market.

    Mars Quest is also very Educational for the whole family to enjoy and interact. The mission of the "Mars Quest" indie film is to carry the viewer from the beginning of human’s interest in space via Galileo, through to the beginning of the space age and humankind's quest and venture into the far realms of outer-space. The Moon landing as well as knowledge regarding the international space station, then on to the red planet Mars. Mars is an everyday conversation in the right circles. Elon Musk says "We should be a two planet species because it only being a matter of time before a cosmic extinction event occurs" which by the way the Earth was destroyed the first time by an asteroid which collided with Earth and obliterated the dinosaur population according to science. The "Mars Quest" adventure film highlights the many obstacles, challenges, successes and failures as humans from around the world in a total spirit of harmony and progress came together as a "No Fear" team of individuals. The lives of over 50 humans and animals have given their lives for the cause of space.

    Something that is constant in the movie industry is that: The public can be fickle! However, if time tells us anything, it tells us that space movies have always appealed to a wide-range demographic. Movies about space stimulate the adventurer in us, the part that wants and needs to know as much as it can to survive and thrive over long-life time periods spanning hundreds of years. The phenomenal success of both "Star Wars" $2 billion, and "Star Trek" $2.3 billion, stand as a testament to this theory.

    We want to thank you one and all for believing in the project and your generous donation.

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