Mary Magdalene Home

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Mary Magdalene Home

From Maria McGauley

Christian Half Way Home in Atlanta for woman mainly homeless suffering from childhood trauma/abuse post substance abuse mental histories.

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   My name is Maria McGauley. I am a 57 yr old female raised Catholic in Bucks County PA, living in Atlanta Ga currently. I am a recovered addict/alcoholic. I left the Catholic Church for most of my life to pursue one thing. Drugs and Alcohol. The other thing was myself. Everything was about me. I was selfish, manipulative, a liar and on a road to Hell. Literally. I managed to be a 911 dispatcher and an EMT for almost 16 years, high, drunk and raised two beautiful boys in blackouts. 

    After years of meetings, and rehabs I was killing myself and very sad. I had horrible relationships, several marriages. One relationship I never lost was with Jesus Christ. He was always there, talking with me, even when I was getting high, and yes homeless. The bottom fell out for me, I knew I was looking for something, that something was always filled up by substances. I knew Jesus was always there, as was the enemy. But why didn't he leave, the Lord? Still on the sideline, weeping, out of pain for me.

   I was in a dope house in Florida and about seven people were on the floor searching for more drugs. When this drug is done, it makes you search, it is a serious evil to watch. AS I watched it,  I felt the devil laughing. He was laughing at Jesus. I heard these words "Look how they all are searching for me, under things, ripping things apart, ha ha ha, they are determined to find me, they don't look for YOU LIKE THAT!" As the devil mocked our Lord I felt the Lords heart breaking. I thought at first he would be angry. That was not the case. He was weeping. He wept for every single one of his children on the floor. They are all blind he said, in chains. My heart is breaking for them. All of them search for the same thing. To be loved. So much pain, so much hurt, so much trauma, abuse. They wont find love under the carpet. ME< I am love. I am standing right here. Have been the whole time. And I am not going anywhere. But there time is running out. Even I don't know the hour or day of their death. Only the Father. He wept, and his love was so consuming it caused me to step outside. The devil mocked him, and Jesus , well he did nothing but love. His heart burned for Everyone of them crawling on the floor. 

  In January of 2016 I got a visit from our Lord. Unfortunately he came with the enemy. Sometimes God needs to allow satan to interfere with our lives in order to discipline us, to heal us. To wake us up. Our Lord left me with his Holy Spirit and since then for the last 3 years I have been in schooling with the Master of Wisdom. There is no greater professor in this world then the Holy Spirit. Our Bible is filled with secret messages from our Eternal Father himself. But unless you are healed with the Holy Spirit, itis going to be quite confusing to you. This should scare you. If it does not make much to sense to you and you struggle, then you have been blinded, by the enemy himself, so as not to see the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can take the blindfold off, and that comes from repentance, and healing. I can get the addict there.

    Addiction is not a physical genetic disease. It is not a biological problem or a mental issue. It causes mental issues. Addiction is a spiritual attack on a soul. Satan has 2 VERY sharp tools in his toolbox for stealing souls. LUST is one. Addictions is another. If you are caught in either or, I  have two important factors to tell you.

1. If you don't figure this out before you die you are not just in danger anymore, you have lost the fight. There is a road narrow and constricted. you cannot even get on that road, until you are saved and healed. And our Lord wasn't kidding when he said it was narrow. It is very hard to stay on, you cannot do it without HIM> But that road, leads to Eternal life. Once you are saved, you still wobble and fall off. So imagine what road you are on with addiction. The WIDE one. Your not going anywhere my friend. The devil is sitting there hoping and waiting you don't figure this out before your soul reaches the end, and lights go out. He hates you. All he wants is for you not to get eternal life. The one thing he cannot have back taken from him. Once you lose and lights go out, your trash. If he doesn't bother you, and you don't notice him around, it is because you are already in his grip. He doesn't bother those he isn't worried about losing what he already owns. HELLO? 

  2.  The addict is way more special then they think. If you are an addict I KNOW you have been sad, I know you beat yourself up and I know your family and friends around you think sad of you, they talk about you and oh, hey will he/she ever change? They wont stop. If you do they still don't think much of you trust me. You are not good enough. GUESS WHAT? You are actually MORE IMPORTANT of a soul then those without addictions. YOUR life was ALREADY PLANNED at conception. (TOLD TO ME BY CHRIST HIMSELF) it was planned out before you began. So my friend, your addiction is your cross to bare. It is a suffering. Any suffering brings us closer to Christ. All suffering saves souls. (if you know what your doing) and the more a soul suffers, the closer they are to our KING. So go figure, in the end all those that have been putting you down, I don't know how many of them will have a crown on their head, but you my friend if you figure this out, WILL>

    He did not visit me for a simple reason just to heal me. Christ wants souls. Too many of his children are on the wide road, reaching the end and falling off into the pit of Hell. I have not only a bundle of wisdom from the visit, but so much I have learned over the years and still continue to do so. A person with a PHD, in counseling or Psych or whatnot is great for addicts, but if you have NOT been there, done that you absolutely will always judge us. You cannot help the addict unless you LOVE THE ADDICT> 


  Don't throw away how important you are. Even the trees clap when Jesus walks past them. This is a beautiful thing to see. My eyes were open for brief times I was given some visions that the human mind is not wired to comprehend. Our God doesn't just love us, He is IN LOVE WITH US.  And when you feel this for the first time, you will never go back to the wide road you ran around in circles on getting nowhere.  I want to save souls, with the Lord. This home can do this. With the knowledge and experience I have been through and I can pass this on, this is history in the making. 

 Stop looking for Love, He has been standing there waiting on you forever. HE IS LOVE

ONLY HE CAN HEAL ADDICTION.  The enemy does NOT want you to figure this out. Keep thinking its a mental issue, that's exactly where he wants to keep u. Then he throws you out. 

The sad part is we are locking addicts up. Giving them criminal histories. Making it impossible for them to live in society. When they clean up, they are not welcome back. These souls are being rejected by society because they are holy suffering souls. These souls suffer most more then most. A lot of us went through severe abuse/trauma both mental and emotional. Many sexual abuse. As did our Lord. Oh, you think he didn't endure that? He was born a King, he was under attack since the moment he was born. Nobody knows how much he suffered, much more then you think, I know that much.

His visit sent me running back to the Catholic Church. The devil is attacking the Catholic Church. Tempting Priests and throwing serious darts at it as we speak. Most people don't see the attack. But if you love our Lord, you know the enemy attacks Jesus where it hurts most. Where he is saving souls most. And that is the Church that has the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The one Catholic Holy Apostolic Church.  You should be running for thier doors not from them. 

   Jesus said these words. "Unless you eat my body and drink my blood you cannot enter the kingdom of God" Many left him after those words. Many were addicts back then too. You don't think there were addicts back when he lived? Sure there were! 

  Incorporated into the Mary Magdalene House will be the RICA program into the Catholic Faith. You cannot be healed from addiction without the body and blood of Jesus Christ himself. That is the most important part of our mission. To make the addict one with their Savior, so he can live in and through them. Without that, they don't stand a chance at all. 

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