Maxwell Drever elucidates the fundamentals of affordable hou

Maxwell Drever elucidates the fundamentals of affordable hou

From Imran Ali

Investing in the property market appeals to a large number of people. Investing in properties is a sensible way to acquire fixed monthly income in the form of rent.

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Investing in the property market appeals to a large number of people. Investing in properties is a sensible way to acquire fixed monthly income in the form of rent. Individuals can earn a large sum of money at the time of selling the property. Investing in affordable housing project helps homeowners to improve opportunities for low-income earners. People who wish to be a part of social service and are looking for career opportunities in social entrepreneurship must invest in affordable houses.

Awareness about affordable housing, as explained by Maxwell Drever


An affordable house is one where the cost of living for individuals is not more than 30% of the monthly income. Such low rental dwellings are also known as subsidized housing. Low-income public housing has an increasing demand in the cities abroad, specifically in areas with high renting costs. Therefore affordable housing programs determine the eligibility of home buyers based on their income.


Significance of affordable housing


Affordable housing has an increasing demand among individuals across the globe. There is a sincere scarcity for individuals with low-income levels, senior citizens, and physically challenged people. Studies have proved that millions of household renters in places overseas include people with a low level of income or those with disabilities.


Investing in affordable housing projects


It is not mandatory to purchase a multi-unit structure for investing in affordable housing projects. You can also invest partially in the plan, thereby making it a part of your investment portfolio.


Following are different types of investors in affordable property investment:


House developers - some people purchase a building to provide affordable houses. Such individuals can acquire incentives from the government to achieve their goals of developing affordable dwellings. Builders and developers sell the property to other investors at the cost of their incentives, as suggested by Maxwell Drever.


Passive investors- a large majority of the people who invest in real estate can put their money in various trusts that provide affordable housing to individuals. Such a source of public funding can help them and serve society simultaneously.


Owners or landlords- Another group includes landlords of various buildings who assist low-income buyers through housing agencies who pay a part of the rent on behalf of the household.

Such a strategy can allow low income tenants to afford to live in your property.


Learning the upsides of affordable housing investments


Many people have a preconceived notion that investing in affordable property results in reduced income and profits. However, Maxwell Drever proves that investing and earning from real estate depends on your innovative techniques and effective handling of Investments. Investors who work with diligence and play smartly can make tremendous profits by investing in affordable houses.


Here are a few strategies to earn profits through affordable housing investment:


Renovating old property- there is a potential to make profits by buying, renovating, and renting affordable houses, keeping a large margin for the homeowners.

Incentives from the government – another advantage of investing in affordable housing are that it is backed by the government, thereby minimizing the risk involved.

Not subject to recession - unlike luxury housing, there are fewer chances of a downturn in affordable housing projects. The demand for such a house is increasing continuously.


In the face of an economic recession, a large number of people might call for affordable living.

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