Medical Mission for the War in Ukraine

Medical Mission for the War in Ukraine

From William Andrew Giles

Your donation could save a life. Proper medical equipment is costly, and in many cases requires disposal after a single use. See more below.

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Straight to the point.


Below is an outline of medical supplies and equipment to be purchased and applied in Ukraine. Emphasis was placed on immediate life-saving interventions including hemorrhage control and airway intervention. These supplies constitute enough to treat 10-20+ personnel depending on MOI and severity in a pre-hospital setting. All funds will used exclusively for medical equipment until the goal is met. Surplus funding will be used for additional supplies, travel, communication, and sustainment costs only. If the goal is not met, priority will be given to individual basic hemorrhage control and airway supplies over IFAKs and more advanced interventions. I am already collecting additional supplies out of pocket. Prices represent the most affordable options I could find while maintaining quality. Some of the more advanced interventions may be donated to aid organizations as needed.


On February 24th, 2022, after months of deceptive political and military posturing, the Russian Federation began it's invasion of Ukraine, and a nation not much bigger than the state of Texas continues to fight for sovereignty against an increasingly notorious war machine.


In the early days of the war, and as Russian forces increasingly targeted civilian infrastructure, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy made an international call for aid. Any able bodied and willing personnel were called to serve in a conflict that shattered peace in Europe, and will shatter the lives of countless Ukrainian civilians before war's end.


In early July I will travel to the Ukraine in order to provide pre-hospital medical aid. My intent is to gather a team, if possible, and serve in a medical capacity with elements of the Ukrainian military and/or civilian aid organizations on the ground. Upon arrival in Ukraine I will make contact with these organizations and be assigned wherever I'm most needed. I am already in contact with the UKR embassy and other organizations on the ground in Ukraine.


William Andrew Giles

Aid worker and medical professional

5 years experience EMT-B

4 years TX Army NG Infantry Officer

Graduate Vocational Nurse 

Also seeking medically trained and experienced volunteers to join the team. 

Sensitive information including specific dates, times, and locations will not be disclosed here in order to mitigate the risk of targeting and interference. 

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