Medical Treatment Little Warrior who Survived Kidney Cancer

Medical Treatment Little Warrior who Survived Kidney Cancer

From Michele Troia

My son Cesar Adriano, he is 7 years old, he is a little warrior who fought against Kidney Cancer, he is Thanks to God and his blessing a survivor of this disease, today he is a beautiful HEALTHY child thanks to the wo...

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He lives in Venezuela, with his family; In March 2020, and thanks to the generosity of many of you who helped with the first campaign, Cesar Adriano underwent surgery, which consisted of the removal of one of his affected kidneys. All thanks to God went well and he hoped to complete his chemotherapy cycle to complete his post-operative treatment successfully and thank God for so much love that it was a success for our warrior.

As you know, the socio-economic situation in Venezuela is very precarious. Already affected by high hyperinflation, the life of ordinary people is very, very difficult. Added to all this is the recession brought by the pandemic. The minimum living wage now does not exceed the US $ 3 a month, and many people basically depend on what their relatives send them from abroad! That is the sad reality of the country

     Today our warrior and his family need support to pay the expenses of medicines, high-cost medical studies, essential food, vitamins and supplements, monthly payments for medical studies, computerized ultrasounds, everything must be private, as I mentioned before the public health system in Venezuela it is very precarious and decadent. and ineffective, everything must arrive in private clinics and everything that this first year of recovery entails. For this reason, on behalf of Cesar Adriano, I appeal once again to your generosity. With the awareness that the goal of the first campaign ($ 525) was met, thanks to the generous contributions of many people like you. However, these funds are running out. Our hope is to give Cesar the best option he can have in Venezuela, but for this, we hope to have the prayers and generosity of many. We plan that the funds raised will go towards Cesar Adriano's medical bills and well-being while he recovers from this. Trusting that this will be possible thanks to the Divine Providence of God.  

How can you help? By making a donation, whatever amount you can afford. Also, share this Airfunding campaign with your friends and family. May God reward and multiply you for your generous support!

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