Name our cycle club

Name our cycle club

From Robert Bingham

Nominate a name for the club formerly know as the 'irresponsibles'. Donations of $25 per suggestion will be considered for our first round of voting. Donations will go to CAF.

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  • Step one, read the following
  • Donate $25 for each 'name' nomination you want to make,
  • In the comment section, put your suggested 'name',
  • Nominations are open until Saturday May 10 noon
  • All Nominated 'names' will be placed on a ballot and ranking begins. An email will be sent when it's time to Rank the 'name' nominees. Ranking will end Saturday, May 17 noon.
  • The top 3 names will recieve some graphical treatment to better reflect how they might look on the website/jersey, etc. While this is happening, vicious lobbying will be taking place. Strong PAC spending could tilt the balance before election day.
  • You will receive an email and a link the final election. The 'name' candidates will stand on their own. You must be on the mailing list to receive the link to the survey. If you currently do not receive our emails, it's easy to get on the list. Click this link. International election observers will be onsite to ensure that we are not ballot stuffing.
  • The winner takes all, and rebranding will commence. We will forever forget the terrible reign of the irresponsibles cycle club and rejoice we are free of the dictatorial and embarrassing leadership that led us astray.

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