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I've spent the majority of my young 20s working multiple jobs, missing out on living in the moment,  and not making genuine connections. I came to a point where I burned out and was wondering where all of those spent hours went.  It's like, "Surprise! Its 4 years later!".

Anyway,  I've come to understand the value of pulling myself out of the tunnel-vision of survival mode. The best way I've been able to do that was/is by traveling for work/networking opportunities. In turn, I developed an understanding that the creator teaches through people & experiences over time.

Plus, I want to see the national parks!

There's such a benefit in getting out from under the boot of a single environment. It proved to be a great exercise in challenging my own biases. 

For the most part, I've concluded that I like people.

Wouldn't trust human nature as far as I could throw a bus.


Anyway, be blessed!

Chyna W.

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