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Good afternoon, i am Drisha need of financial assistance. I have been through so much in life, and I know this is not my end all be all. I have been derailed in life; however, I will get to where I need to be. I believe this wholeheartedly.  I use to think because I did not get a bachelor’s degree my life has been so unfruitful. I no longer think this way, because I can become who I am supposed to be in the right time. I am trying to get my life and credit back on track. I work at a nonprofit organization, and I do not make much money at all. I also live alone which makes it hard for me to invest into m business and career path of becoming a Beauty entrepreneur. Beauty/Makeup has always been my passion. When I was a little girl, I was sexually abused for many years and did not feel pretty. I carried this secret for so many years. Keeping that secret for many years was trauma. I never had much growing up, and I use to blame my parents for the cards that was handed to me. I sometimes wish I was born in a wealthier family because I do believe money can give you the life of your dreams and give you the privilege and power to help others. My soul craves to help others. I do know that in order to help others I have to make sure my life is somewhat in order. I have the dreams of giving back one day.

I no longer blame anyone for my life or progress thereof.  Everything I went through in life happened for a reason. It made me stronger so that in the future I can have a platform helping woman living in poverty and victims of sexual abuse.

 I need this financial assistance please to be debt free so I can be on the right track and live a purposeful life helping people. I am being sued for a credit card debt that is $11,000,  It’s very depressing but I have strong hope and faith things will get better. Thank you so much in advance. May God bless you and your generations for assisting me.  My pay pal is [email protected]

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