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Hi it's Nourhan, Mohamed' brother, here. November is here again. And a lot of you know November 2013 was a very challenging time for me, my family, and everyone who got to personally know Mohamed. We somehow made it through and continue to make through only because of the tremendous love and support that everyone has showered my family and I with. Mohamed found peace and I pray that The Most Merciful continues to illuminate his grave every second of every day and keep him company until we reunite again insh'Allah (God Willing). I believe there is no better way to honor his legacy but by contributing to the organisation he fought so hard to establish! Let's continue his dream and make a difference in this world! Thank you all for your love, donations, and support.

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There are not enough words to describe how amazing of a human Mohamed was. He was the obedient son, supportive brother, caring friend, hard-working student, motivating mentor, creative teacher, assistant, dedicated volunteer, and above all the best pep-talker! Mohamed had a desire to unite others behind a common aim of bettering our world. Therefore, he worked very hard to get United2Heal running. He had very little resources to begin with but never gave up. The secret was his enthusiasm for life and his ability to remain present and be grateful throughout life even when the going got tough by simply stopping and looking back instead of always be fixated on the future. His undergraduate life revolved around United2Heal. It is now our turn to keep his dream going and take U2H to the next level. Please do consider donating. All and any contribution WILL collectively make a big difference and are wholeheartedly appreciated!

Nourhan Ibrahim, (sister, Mohamed Shaaban)

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