Operation: Home for USMC Veteran Falsely Arrested

Operation: Home for USMC Veteran Falsely Arrested

From Alvina Jennifer

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Jonathan McLennan is a USMC veteran residing in Myrtle Beach, SC. He was falsely arrested by local police on a shoplifting charge, which was later dropped when his public defender was able to show the DA on security footage that Jonathan was in fact innocent.

So, after being falsely accused, arrested, and then subsequently released when the public defender did the police and DA's job for them, Jonathan is now free but not out of the woods.

Flanders Fields made reservations for Jonathan to stay in a hotel in Myrtle Beach, but in two separate instances he was turned away at the front desk for being "local." I think we can all infer what groups of people such a policy is designed to exclude.In light of all that, we are asking for your help to get Jonathan relocated to a home where he can rebuild his life around folks that appreciate his service and make sure he doesn't ever have to sleep on a sidewalk again. Let's get Jonathan a home to call his own and serve him as he served us all!

Arrest happened April 15, 2022. There was a warrant for my arrest. Spent 14 days in jail till I bailed myself out April 29th, 2022. Got a public defender and they saw the same video that the police used to arrest me. That same video exonerated and charges were dismissed December 6, 2022. I lost my job, my car, I'm still homeless, since that arrest and the embarrassment I went through from being arrested. 

I am a 51 year old black male disabled Honorable Veteran who has never been arrested in my life. Plus the mental aspect cause I'm claustrophobic. I'm just trying to get my life back together since then. Plus most attorneys are scared to go Against the local police. So I'm still looking for an attorney and hopefully fundraising an keep me afloat till I sue the police department for ruining my life for me and my fiancé.

Jonathan McLennan2107 S. Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach 29577.Cell # 843-222-2006

Bank name - Marine Federal Credit Union routing # 253174893Account # 1020000624426

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