Mr. Oxygen OxyVelocity Diet Book & Teaching Hospital Project

Mr. Oxygen OxyVelocity Diet Book & Teaching Hospital Project

From Mr. Oxygen, Ed McCabe

OxyVelocity Diet Project!  1 Establish new OxyVelocity diet book. 2 Buy property and building. 3 Expand site. 4 Offer services for relief. 5 Duplicate centers. IRS Charity - Joining hearts together healing & manifest...

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about 4 years ago

Edgar Rocks! 1st Donation!

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1. What are you fundraising for? (Expanded version)

Our OXYVELOCITY project will save those with the ears to hear and the free will to follow directions! We are the Source for all things self help, true healing and spiritual, and for finally letting EVERYONE know all the healing secrets kept from them for so long. The fastest, and safest and most effective healer tested relief available is coming! Read about all of it at our crowdfunding site:

"We can try to give to each need, or we can teach them all how to not need in the first place!" -Mr. Oxygen

We will continue our outreach and support project in Kenya. We have helped to create, organize and supply Oxygen Therapies to the disadvantaged rural volunteers of Nature's Healing Center for years. Many had no money for any healthcare.

Phase 1 - the OxyVelocity Diet Project! The ultimate smashing through any barriers and going directly to diet truth, and  health solutions, and weight loss success.

1st, Build, print, and do the media splash over the new  OxyVelocity diet book.

2nd, Purchase the already picked out serene healing country setting first prototype Active Oxygen based clinic/hospital property and building for $6,000,000.

3rd, Staff, kit out, and code up the now remodeled site.

4th, Offer oxy-adherents a place to go and get relief.

5th, Duplicate the OxyVelocity prototype centers everywhere as needed.

This is the summation of Mr. Oxygen's brainchild of an inclusive IRS recognized official community Charity - where our hearts join together to manifest all we all need that has been hidden from us!

We enthusiastically join in with Dr. Freibott's dream of "Healing the sick, Feeding the hungry, and Clothing the  naked."

Ed McCabe, Mr. Oxygen, Bio

July/2019 At The Dawning of The Restored Republic.

Ed McCabe, “Mr. Oxygen is a best selling author and writer in the innovative health area. His first best-selling book "Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease" has been followed by another best-seller, "Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Therapy for Our Polluted World" in book form, (now in its 7th edition). With the help of a lot of heart centered adherents, his body of knowledge has expanded even more into his 4 DVD set movie "Flood Your Body With Oxygen, The Video!"

He has lectured worldwide for over 30 years, and has been honored as the recipient of several international awards. He was the first and only person in history to create mass public awareness of the existence and benefits of Active Oxygen and related therapies - like colloidal minerals, silver, and advanced energy therapies and heart centered energy supplementation.

Mr. McCabe, along with Senator Tom Harkin, and former Congressman Berkley Bedell, brought now healthy former AIDS patients and their doctors to the highest levels of the National Institutes of Health. The patients had become healthy due to using Active Oxygen Therapies. Full story in O3 vs. Aids

 Mr. McCabe’s international expertise, recognition, popularity, and experience enabled him to appear on  US  network television’s Maury Povich show on April 21st, 1994. He has made over 1,750 appearances.

Mr. McCabe holds a degree in Educational Media from the University of Massachusetts. He is an investigative journalist and leading international author, lecturer, and promoter of Active Oxygen Therapies. His ongoing involvement with advanced healing modalities encompasses a span of over 40 years. He solely focused upon Active Oxygen Therapies as a research journalist during 30+ years of intensive study, investigation, experimentation, interviews, and travel. As a result, he is recognized and acclaimed as a top international expert on the subject.

He asks that people please understand why he started the new

Mr. Oxygen OxyVelocity Diet Book & Teaching Hospital Project (Phase 1)

Since a few generations have come up since Mr. Oxygen started his work, many top and deserving people and healers and manufacturing leaders are receiving daily benefit from - and many got healthy and/or rich off of -  using the knowledge he gave us all so freely. He paid the price in this duality laden world, at great personal emotional and financial expense to his person and his freedom at the hands of institutionally embedded criminals,

 The base floor of knowledge that so many now stand upon unawares - without even knowing where it all came from - exists because he made this knowledge so common.. Because Mr. McCabe underwent major suffering and persecution along the way, he has ended up now needing and welcoming everyone's help and donations to fulfill manifesting the rest of his dream, that of helping to remove as much suffering from the world as possible. .

First, we start with building and promoting the breakthrough new book: OxyVelocity Diet. Make it big, make it viral.

People will quickly find out if they simply always follow the logic and directions in the OxyVelocity Diet book teachings, they will be well pleased. At least that's what thousands of people have personally told Mr. Oxygen. You can have your friends tell YOU!

If people are consistent about easily following our directions, they will soon find their bodies responding amazingly fast to truth! A much better situation than the business as usual frustrating results of staying the way you are now, and inevitably getting far worse.

That usually happens if we do not and are not successfully responding to the obfuscations and lies constantly programming us. Big secret: We create our own world around us. We can start changing everything around us with standing up and out loud saying: "I do NOT accept this!" Our most powerful defensive weapon is doing exactly that.

Research has proved that we need to do this. What passes for "normal" here is being promoted as an oh so institutionalized version of putting lipstick-on-a-pig.

Publicly paraded about as supplying compassion, we are continually duped by the BIG HUGE profit machine legislated into our society as standard care. It's always all about the money. We can follow it.

Second, Using the book, we start teaching where all the problems come from! And, the exact steps we need to take on the fastest way to all cures, including the fastest acting leading edge hidden discoveries that allow our bodies to easily correct stubborn internal visceral fat as well as our visible external fat.

The hidden inside us fat is directly determined by diet choices. All problems start in the gut.

Most everyone has this hidden killer, un-diagnosed, because all our society's assumed solutions are dead wrong. This is what suddenly kills seemingly fit athletes. Once the real truth of our digestion mechanisms are understood, we're, well on the way to choosing natural weight loss along the way.

We simply educate ourselves beyond all our worn-out assumptions, and train our free will to drop being a slave to our taste-buds. We easily take back control once we start being impressed with results.

Due to the many constant lies,  when we hear a sound bite, we settle on that, (must be true, cuz I heard it on duh TV) block our ears from any other input, and move on. We are trained to unconsciously block the truth energy from reaching us. Blocked energy flows turn into the disease. So many have unconsciously chosen to have diseases - unknown to them - from their soul level.

Fourth, we show the energy and physical and chemical causes for all diseases. Then we give simple reversing solutions that all can use, at many levels, and the hidden existing cures are already available.

The OxyVelocity Diet book includes all the latest understandings. We easily explain the challenges of our common disease problems.

Without a publisher, Mr. Oxygen's best-selling, and now classic, 1988 book Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease sold over one quarter of a million copies through word of mouth!. This was the first publication in history to detail every known therapy that used special forms of  Active Oxygen to eliminate disease and restore health by ridding the body of toxins and microbes while simultaneously boosting the immune system.

As a direct result of Mr. McCabe’s; books, writings, his audio and video tape publications, websites, and his extensive worldwide appearances. and lecturing, millions have now learned that the proper use of oxygen supplementation and therapies are of prime importance. We simply stay healthy, optimize performance, and successfully treat disease. “After all,” he teaches, “Your immune system runs on Active Oxygen, and the disease causing microbes, like most of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses, can’t live in Active forms of Oxygen.

 In addition to “Oxygen Therapies,” Mr. McCabe has written a syndicated newspaper and Internet column, “Ask Mr. Oxygen,” and numerous national magazine articles. His writings have appeared in "NEXUS,” “Aids Patient Care," "Health Freedom News," "Explore!," “East West Journal,” "New Perspectives," and “Well Being Journal” magazines, and he was featured on the cover of “Health Consciousness” magazine. He often lectured with Mr. Joel Wallach of TV mineral advocacy popularity, and American Naturopathic Association president George Freibott, ND.

 After appearances on over 1,750+ radio and television programs and speaking platforms in the U.S., England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Holland, and New Zealand, Mr. Oxygen became internationally recognized, according to his fans, as a prominent and captivating lecturer.

 A “Maury Povich" TV talk show episode was devoted to his emerging Active Oxygen Therapy work, and featured Mr. McCabe and one of his documented no-longer-sick-with-AIDS adherents as central guests. Also, the Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation  (I.B.O.M.F.,  or IBOM) - an international Active Oxygen therapy physician’s group - has honored him with its prestigious "Special Recognition," and "Distinguished Speaker" Awards.

 Mr. McCabe is unique in his distinction as the only person who ever interviewed thousands of Active Oxygen Therapy using patients and hundreds of doctors worldwide, while investigating research and treatment centers. At the same time Mr. McCabe published and lectured on the results.

 Although several Active Oxygen Therapies have been quietly in use for over 100 years, - In the 1930's there were lots of now lost to memory pre-Internet Active Oxygen based hospitals and spas for example - but prior to Mr. McCabe's modern day extensive pioneering body of work, the general public was completely unaware of them. His undertakings to benefit the good of mankind earned him his popular title of “Mr. Oxygen.”

 The numbers of professional and lay adherents of these therapies continues to grow rapidly due to his initial and continual promotion of their simple effectiveness, now multiplied, by his many followers turned disciples. U.S. manufacturers and the professional organizations surrounding and utilizing the Active Oxygen therapy concepts are now flourishing everywhere, in large part, due to Mr. McCabe’s years of relentless lecturing and purposely focusing the public's attention on their record of safety and efficacy.

 The knowledge that Mr. McCabe gathered and created and then taught us, is the very foundation of our modern public understanding of multiple Active Oxygen Therapies. This foundation that we all now stand upon which he repeatedly laid down is so large, and so much a part of the now “common knowledge” of Active Oxygen Therapy, that we scarcely notice it did not exist in public before his pioneering work.

 Coupled with the loving assistance of lots of people from all over the world, Mr. McCabe was the first to create and simultaneously promote the idea that all the diverse “Active Oxygen Therapies” shared specific commonalities. He was the first to show all the doctors first using them how all their competing specialties were ultimately based upon Active Singlet Oxygen delivery, how each worked differently to the same end, and how they all fit together into a cohesive whole. For example, "fasting."

Everyone teaching and using fasting or any detox strategy please listen. Research shows you need to understand that nothing leaves the body without first combining with Oxygen. The more oxygen, the cleaner and the faster it lasts longer.

He is the modern “Oxyfather” of all the medics, patients, customers, suppliers and manufacturers comprising our Active Oxygen Therapy industries. This is his legacy to us.

 Over the past 26 years, 50+ distributors in eight countries, including the largest US health book distributors have been selling his publications, tapes and videos. He currently lives in southern Florida with his wife Leeda working by his side.

After publishing "O3 vs. AIDS," and several tapes, Mr. McCabe released the fruits of his 30 years of intense oxygen research and interviews compiled in his 640-page book: "Flood Your Body with Oxygen, Therapy For Our Polluted World." This was followed with his "Flood Your Body with Oxygen, Therapy For Our Polluted World - The Video!" 4 disc DVD set for the video generation.

 He also consults, lectures, and appears as a media guest. His advice is often sought by noted personalities. Mr. McCabe was Senior Consultant to Maha Plus Medical Research Foundation Hospital in India, and continuously consults with other doctors and clinics worldwide.

 He just started a charity crowdfunding project to disseminate his latest creation: The OxyVelocity© Diet book - cures and maximum speed weight loss solutions hidden from us all. The book and project will be used to build a modern US Active Oxygen Therapy and natural weight loss and blood sugar control teaching hospital.

 Mr. McCabe’s main healing websites are:

Facebook: Mr. Oxygen Interviewed THOUSANDS!

Twitter: pending


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Mr. Oxygen, Ed McCabe posted a new update:
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Update #1

Edgar Rocks! 1st Donation!

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