Support To Protect From Zombies, Massive Earthquake, Fire...

Support To Protect From Zombies, Massive Earthquake, Fire...

From Orb Being

Protection From Blood & Body Parts Thefts, Investment Damages, Upcoming Zombie Outbreak, Massive Earthquake, Fire Expanding Out Of Fire Pervading Earth's Atmosphere

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My Earth's Brothers And Sisters With Blood And Body, 

I DISCOVERED some hidden organization in TORONTO exist responsible for taking me out of my own consciousness without my awareness many times using toxic injections, causing involuntary unconsciousness damaging my consciousness, causing several malfunctioning to my body parts, limb paralysis, loss of breath, suicide urge toxins, dream crushing pain waves and grieves to my blood, investments and body parts.

I am a discoverer, and a creator with nature's mission to extend human life and consciousness as it reveals and occurs to me from time to time.

These Organization extracted and stole my blood, my body parts and they also cause bone crushing pain waves, heart burning experiences resulting in lasting harm and scars to my health, investments and overall well being.

It's important to prevent and protect others from becoming the victims of blood theft of blood and body parts thefts, damages and grieves.

Imagine your body parts internals bust opened by people who are always hiding injecting toxic injections in your body to take you out of your own consciousness for theft, damages, loss, grieves. My stomach and lower abdomen burst open, lines of hidden surgeries towards my scrotum and around my genitalia, my body parts has been stolen, and my blood stolen, after being taken out of your own consciousness by  someone who is always hiding using injection to drop you dead without your awareness.

Canada, Toronto Ontario Inject Me Many Time Each Time I am On Fulfilling Business Goals, Making Me Drop Dead At My Studio, Breaking Into My Studio, Performing Surgery In My Body, Stealing My Blood & Body Parts, Canada Stole My Discoveries, My Own Time Memories & Cause Damages To My Memories.

Several marks of operation discovered on my stomach, my lower abdomen

Canada, Toronto, Ontario stopped two of my legs from working, hiding using injections without my awareness, many times.

Toronto, Ontario cause bone crushing pain waves all around the bones of your my, your hands? This happened to me at the front of Toronto CN Tower, Rogers Center, & Several Bone Crushing Pain Wave Experience At Toronto Queen Street, Bathurst Street, Dundas Street. These experiences has damaged and affected all the decades of experience I have Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Canada introduce worms to my own body, making me unstable, disease, unable to see, making me unable to talk, worms shaking your eyes and your mouth causing me severe pain and damages.

Canada plan and orchestrate my chest, at the top of my heart be burnt, marks on the picture.

The organizations responsible for stealing my blood, causing loss of breath, causing dream crushing pain waves, grieves to the body parts includes:

Toronto U-Haul, 

Toronto LifeLabs, 

Toronto United Health Network, 

Toronto Police, 

Toronto Government, 

CN Tower Associates, 

Rogers Centre

Canada Immigration. 

These organizations behavior towards My Creator has no  responsibility and accountability, has no regard for the human body and evolution.

In Coma State, this is the consequences of blood theft, body parts theft and damages, Unsuspecting Bone Crushing Pain Wave, And Unsuspecting Injection Triggering Sudden Unconsciousness.

These are the grave reality that I experience in Toronto, Ontario, that cause damages to my body parts, long years of investments in Canada, trust, connections, sense of security, and my perception and consciousness in Canada.

I am a scientist, discoverer, designer, engineer, programmer, and a researcher. My innovations and discoveries aim to make it possible for humans to visit and live on the planets within our solar system, as well as in the vast expanse of the interstellar space and beyond our Milky Way galaxy.

Support and Donate now to help us reach $500million To Help Recover, Prevent  And Protect Others From Suffering and Grieving From The Same Fate.

Your contribution can help prevent more people from experiencing the same fate.

As a creator, a designer, an investor and a victim and survivor, I have experienced and discovered the horrors of unknown surgeries, theft of blood and body parts with deep scars of the unsuspecting surgeries left done to my body. 

These life crushing activities have led to significant damages, destruction, and even death, of a lot of people before me who aren't able to discover it before it took their lives.

I am a discoverer, and a creator with the The blood theft, the unknown surgery, the body part theft; the heart burn, the damages, the destruction caused to the human body and consciousness amount to a value of $500Million.

By donating and sharing this cause, you will help bring about the responsibility, accountability to the organizations responsible to the theft of blood, responsible for causing loss of breath, damages to consciousness, perception and life crushing wave activities.

Your support will not only help recover from theft, damages, and the destruction to the human body, but also ensure the organizations responsible face the GOD's consequences of such grave activities.

Your Support And Donation Will Go Towards:

1. Medics Of Checkup Of The Parts Of The Body Damaged And Stolen As The Scars Are Deeply Embedded On My Body.

2. Providing And Making Available A Better Environment For Survivors And Potential Victims.

3. Legal assistance to ensure the organizations responsible face the consequences of such actions.

4. Compensation & recovery of stolen, blood, body parts, investments, discoveries and damaged businesses that occur as a result of this life damaging experience.

5. Psychological support: To help me cope with the trauma and emotional distress caused by these experiences and to heal beyond the scars of such bloody and horrific experience. 

6. Public awareness and education: To raise awareness about the issue and promote transparency in healthcare systems and governmental institutions, and to each and every human kind.

7. To Prevent, And To Protect Others From Blood And Body Parts Theft Occurrences, And From Suffering From The Same Fate.

I seek and need your support in this urgent time.

I won't lie to you, a lot of people have died without knowing this as the cause, this is damages, destruction and death done to me, I am here to prevent it from happening to you and everyone.

Share this urgent message with your friends and family to help prevent and protect them and others from blood theft, organ theft, body parts, damages and graves.

Your support and contribution however big or small is very vital in preventing and protecting humankind, from blood and body parts theft, loss of breath, Heart Burning, Toronto Worms Introduction To The Body, Toronto Injection Limb Paralysis, Toronto Toxic Injections Crushing Investment.

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