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Hello folks, my name is Heidi . I am an Entrepreneur and a freelance Journalist who loves writing and investigating news all over the world. Since I was in high school, I was always fascinated with my high schools news and the school newspaper. However, I never got a chance to pursue Journalism at that time.  I am someone who loves to work hard, and achieve my goals. I am asking for your help to chip in ,and help me build my site, get certain things for site,Camera , and etc.. I know this is something I've been wanting to do for a very very long time and I know this is the right time to achieve my goal. I would really appreciate your help ❤️. This really means something for my future.  I am ready to build my brand and bring success to my future subscribers all over the world. My budget is tight right now, so this is why I'm asking for your help. No, I am not a scammer. This is why I included my website link, and photos. Thank you for your time!

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