Pia's Severe Osteoporosis

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Pia's Severe Osteoporosis

From Pia Christina Jensen

Last year, October 2022, I was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Osteoporosis. I can't walk without crutches. I can't do much of anything besides use the keyboard. I will need serious medical care soon.

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I always figured I'd inherit mom's arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis - but this is next level bone wasting on steroids. It is very frustrating for me. 

I used to ride bike, walk a lot, garden, venture out to meet new people & visit with old friends, cook, play with my cats outside and more... 

Kevin was my gardener until he moved out of country...

Ramona helps me with house cleaning each Saturday...

Now... everything I do hurts. I spend way too much time indoors. I only get a few hours of sleep at night. The only medicine I've been able to find so far that helps (some) is Meloxicam. The longer I take that, the more likely I am to experience other health problems. 

Your contribution will specifically go to securing effective health care, which may include some time in a hospital. Definitely need physical therapy in warm water as my muscles have weakened. A wheelchair is in my future. And, I may need to move into a health care facility eventually. 

Please share my campaign with those who can help. And, take care of yourself!

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