Please Help My Sister Who Just Lost Her Son!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Help My Sister Who Just Lost Her Son!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Andrea Blum

I am raising money for my sister who just lost her first born son to suicide. Please read her/my story. I will keep updates coming as I get them. Right now, she is not talking to anyone... because she cannot w/o crying.

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Please Help My Sister Who Just Lost Her Son!!!!!!!!!!!!

My nephew has always had anxiety and was horribly picked on in school. Kids always called him gay, even before he knew what that meant. He was a very handsome kid and young man. As it turned out later, he did claim to be gay. We all accepted him for what he was. He was also always very private about it. He was for real, and very mannerful, deep, respectful, loving and kind! He had such devotion and love, and that always made him vulnerable to being broken hearted and depressed. He ended up in a toxic and abusive relationship. But, because he was so private about it, none of us knew what was going on until it was too late, and he committed suicide.

Everything about this is an immeasurable amount of sadness, but to think about how he was never able to have and to hold a lifetime companion that was worth living for, but only one that was were worth dying for… robbing the rest of the world decades of the pleasure of his presence… is a sadness of another level.

The devastation of the loss of a child is numbing, and shocking to the point of just sitting and staring in disbelief. And, after a strong and incredible urge to click ‘backspace’, ‘Esc’, or ‘Return’, or ‘go back’… is instinctively and instantly attempted, we go back to sitting and staring in disbelief… continuing dehydrating our bodies by way of an unstoppable river of tears.

My Sister - his Mother, and his Dad, run a little hobby farm on the side. She works for the county, and his Dad just got laid off from one of the auto manufacturing companies. My Nephew, Good God Bless His Soul, was between jobs and had no assets. Sure, my sister's work will give her a certain amount of days off for the loss of a child, but how can anyone go back after this and not break down? I would love to be able to them out with funeral costs and their bills so that she can take off work with unpaid days without worrying about bills.

Please help donate for the funeral, and financial help with bills.

UPDATE: We had the funeral 10.23.23 ... that was the worst day of my life and the BEST and WORST funeral that i have ever gone to. Everyone of his friends spoke at the funeral and there WERE SO MANY! and they all could barely speak as they were balling and telling their story at the same time. Some guy said that he never met anyone before that had so many BEST FRIENDS!!! Unfortunately, the loss of Tyler has impacted a huge number of people, and I hope to be able to help them. But his mother and father could really use some financial support right now. Please consider donating!!!

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