Please help Zoey Meow!

Please help Zoey Meow!

From S.A.V.E. Rescue Shelter

Poor Zoey Meow just a little sweet young cat was hit by a car three days ago and survived, injured and cold she was found in the bushes. She needs your help to recover!

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Friends this may seem like a lot to ask at this time of year but we need your help. SAVE received a call today from a man who is a disabled Veteran. He has been displaced with his family due to a house flood and has been renting a place to stay. For the last few months a little cat has been coming to his door and they started feeding her. They started to really love her and took her in on cold and hot nights but did not want a pet because of their finances. Well three days ago she went missing. They started to panic and was searching for her. They found her in the bushes and she was obviously hit by a car and needed help. They went to local vet who said they needed to go to a specialty vet for care, it could be a simple or a not so simple cure. They went to the specialty Vet who said that she would need to start with xrays and blood-work. That was beyond their means, so they left with the little girl in their car. The Vet recommended they call us. This man had cared for his previous cat and dog very well in the past and spent a lot of money over the years caring for them, but since his injury he is unable to do so. We sent them to our Vet and they tested her for FIV/FELV thankfully she was negative, Then they did blood-work to see after 3 days being injured outside if she was in any failure. The blood work was fine. After xray we were told she has a pelvic fracture that can heal on its own BUT she has a dislocated hip. Unlike people you can't just pop it back in, it does require surgery. This is going to cost an additional $1500. So do we say no, because we don't have the funds or do we beg all of you to please chip in for this girl who suffered for days injured in the cold and still has the will and strength to heal? It is a hard decision and we can do so much with that money but to give up on her hurts our heart. She is at Garden State Veterinary Specialist Hospital awaiting our answer. Can anyone please please help?

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