Saving Politics Reborn

Saving Politics Reborn

From Michael Blecher

The nonprofit and election model we've relied on has failed. Politics Reborn is trying a new model. I have faith that the concept we're pushing can and will work but we'll only go as far as your donations allow us to.

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There are probably a million templates I could be looking at for guidance on fundraising but instead, I have decided that I’m going to just speak from the heart.  Today, I am asking you to donate to Politics Reborn so our organization can continue fighting the good fight.

I must admit that I am reluctant to ask for donations. It is not just because I feel uncomfortable asking others for money, but I’m scared that when I solicit donations from my family and friends, they’ll say no to me. I view reluctance as a personal failure on my part. Donations to causes or organizations are often so mundane that we do not view them in the sacred way I do.

I believe a donation is one of the most inspiring gestures one can often make. It is an action that signals that you believe in an organization, that you believe in the people like myself who are leading it. It indicates to me that you have come to know my work ethic, my character, my capabilities and my compassion, so much so, that you are willing to make a financial sacrifice, however small that may be, because you believe that the people behind Politics Reborn have done good work to improve the lives of the many and will continue such work.

It is because you believe in both, the messengers of this organization, and the messages and strategies we are conveying which are supported by empirical data. It is my mission to get as many people as I know personally to display their faith in this organization through some kind of donation.

There are so many people suffering and we need your help. Your donation will allow us to hire community organizers, support block associations and recruit more ordinary people to run for local party committee seats. Your donation will help us expand our consciousness-raising art projects and strengthen innovative projects we are working on like "Find Me A Canvasser." Politics Reborn is the revolution you've been waiting for.

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