Pray for Storms - Dillon Bond

Pray for Storms - Dillon Bond

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This is my youngest brother, Dillon Bond. Dillon was hit by a car on 13 Dec 2013. He spent 7 months in the hospital in a coma. He is now at a rehab facility, with many impairments

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Dillon was hit by a car on 13 Dec 2013. He is about to be 15 years old. There is an overwhelming support coming from many different people and communities. I am Dillon's oldest brother, Winter Frandsen, and I am creating this webpage as a means to create donations for Dillon and the family. My mother (Rebecca) has experienced numerous setbacks and obstacles to try to overcome for his care. If you have known someone personaly that has ever been involved in a major accident you know that their life is altered in so many different aspects. This tragic accident not only affects Dillon, but the rest of the family as well. I started this campaign, with an original goal of establishing some emergency help for my mother and to help pay for additional treatments that the insurance company would not cover, in an attempt for Dillon to recover from a severe brain injury. Dillon's progress is very slow, and after spending 7 months in the hospital, he is now at a rehab center where he undergoes physical therapy, as well as speech therapy. He can not talk, but can make sounds. As of 1 August 2014, he was able to finally move his index finger to respond as a yes or no to questions. I am reinstating this fundraiser so that there is still a platform for people that wish to show some kind of help and support towards the care of Dillon. Dillon will undoubtedly need care for an extended period of time, as it is still not known to what condition he will be able to fully recover to.To give to a cause that will truely help and benefit an individual and a family is only a few clicks away.

Dillon has been an avid "video gamer" since he was 11 years old, and has many friends within the xbox community. He has been shown an overwhelming support for his recovery, and to this there no end in the thanks from our family. We are blessed to know that he has even inadvertently touched the lives of so many other people, more than we had ever imagined, and we are ever appreciative for all the signs of support. His screen tag in Xbox is Auto/Aria Storm (pray for storms). He goes by both in different games, and frequents Call of Duty.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We will also pray for you and your family as well, for health and hapiness. Thank you all for visiting this site, and God Bless.


P.S. Please do not feel obligated to help our family with a donation. Although it is greatly appreciated, if you do not wish to support with money please just click "support" the fundraiser and post it to your facebook so that others can see it. We have gotten an overwhelming response already, and our family is truely humbled by everyone that is taking an interest in Dillon.


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