Publish Schoolastic Book. (STOP AND STARE AT ME)

Publish Schoolastic Book. (STOP AND STARE AT ME)

From Billy Earl Darnell Jr


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                                           STOP AND STARE AT ME:

                                                          The Predator

 "Hi I'm William, I'd like you to come and embark with me as we trace our way through Time and Possibility of what it means to live and thrive in America in the year Twenty-Twenty-Three.

I'm just going to take this time to have you read the word Twenty-Twenty-Three again and it is  in this time that America's only certainty is projected to be the Land that holds the title of it's not always as it seems, but to be certain of that we have to take into account how we appeal to others on a map of the world or an entity as a body.

 Are we Native or are we Secondhand Rights and Freedoms gifted to us from the Other side of the Oceans? 

The answer simply put is, we are both. 

Hi again, this is the part where I tell you where I'm from and what makes me, as well as what makes me a contributing Citizen to the Society of the ever-growing Exploration that is The United States of America and the possibility it is raised on.

 My Surname is William, I belong to the Apache People. I'd tell you my last name but I'm afraid you'll close the Book, end of the story. That's all he wrote. 

 I know when you hear the word Native or Indian it doesn't always ring a bell in the History Books for sticking out for something Brilliant.  We do have our stories though and you're reading one right now, this one is about holding all of you and helping your brilliance shine. 

There is also the Story of Rebecca,(Pohchahontas) or Thanks-giving, ( The Little Big Holiday practiced by the People who currently reside in the Northern Continent of the America's )

 Most of us would like to believe that we know the story of Thanksgiving and the beginning of pilgrimage. You know the ones with the settlers coming and making peace with the original inhabitants and because they traveled on a boat they were subjected to indifferences and the Indian helped than they bit off more than they could chew in the long run luckily everything has seem to work itself out with learning to make friends and allies, it does however bring to question are we really respecting one another , do people in other Countries on other Continents know and remember the Holiday too or could they be hearing it for the first time? 

 Moreover is this just another way of expressing the fact that I'm still here. 

                                                           AND I.



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