Pull Through, Pete!

Pull Through, Pete!

From Jeremy Cherson

This is my best friend Pete. We hit a deer and Pete's organs went into his chest. I drove 3 hours that night to save his life. I'm a grad student and the bill was $5000. Help!

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About Jeremy and Pete

Pete found me in rural Alabama. Yes, Pete came running out of the woods onto my porch and looked up at me with big puppy dog eyes. I like to say that "Pete rescued me", since any other explanation is untrue. He is my best friend. He has a heart made of taffy and rainbows, with eyes that can melt ice from a comfortable distance. He greats every stranger with the wag of his stubby little tail and a look from his big brown eyes.

During the accident Pete slammed into the dashboard as we hit the deer. He appeared to be fine until later that night. My housemate noticed his stomach was making strange gurgling sounds. I instantly knew something was wrong. The blunt force trauma must have caused internal injury.

I woke up my housemate, stole her car I took him to an emergency clinic nearby. The x-ray showed he had a torn diaphragm. His internal organs had slipped out and moved into his chest. Unfortunately, the surgery couldn't be performed on site. I had to travel to a specialty animal hospital over 2 hours away near NYC. 

Instantly I began racing Pete to the only people who could save him. Pete was whimpering and crying in the back seat as we frantically drove down to the hospital. Upon arrival at 4 am to the hospital, they confirmed the seriousness of the injury. Surgery would begin in the morning. 

That night I managed only 1 hour of sleep. I laid in the hotel bed with Pete's peace themed collar in my fingers held close to my heart. I ached. In the morning we got to see him before surgery, he cried like I had never heard before. The vet told us to go home and rest, we would get a call on the prognosis as soon as surgery was over.

On the way home, we received the call. Pete's surgery went well. However," she said, "his liver was bleeding and he may need a transfusion". Good news without receiving good news. Finally, two hours later the call came that his vitals were good and he would make a full recovery. I can't explain the relief and emotion I felt. My little best friend was going to make it.

Pete is now home and fast asleep recovering. He is grateful for all the well wishes from our many friends and family. I am in grad school at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy and Pete has become somewhat of a class mascot. He comes to class regularly and either sleeps at my feet or finds a comfortable couch to lay on- bringing joy to classmates and faculty.

The $5000 bill is rather daunting for a grad student to pay with student loans and another year of grad school to go. Therefore I started this fundraiser to ask for help from the many friends, family, friends of friends, and animal lovers everywhere to help Pete and me. We will be grateful for anything you are willing to give!

With a wag and a salute of thanks,

Jeremy and Pete

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