Raise fund for orphans of 5 siblings

Raise fund for orphans of 5 siblings

From Helen Yimer

Raising money for 5 siblings who lost their mother to cancer. The kids are orphans now and won't be able to continue school unless somebody helps them to stay in their town with extended families.

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In the small town of Ethiopia, Woldiya, not far from the famous Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela and surrounded by the vibrant hues of the highlands, lived a mother whose story touched the hearts of many including myself. Her name was Rahmat Sitotaw, Arabic word for Mercy and Compassion, and she truly was it. She was a mother of five, a beacon of strength and love in her community for her journey through life was both a testament to resilience and an ode to the enduring power of maternal love.

Rahmat’s years were filled with sacrifices for her children. She left her humble small town of Woldiya for Saudi Arabia leaving her then four little children behind with her mother. Her trip was not a short vacation, but a long stretch of labor work to help afford the costs living and for her children go to school. Despite missing their innocent giggles and warm touch, she approached each day with unwavering determination and boundless love for her family. She came back to her country to stay and had her fifth child couple of years ago.

Yet, fate had a cruel twist in store for Rahmat and her children. Cancer, an indiscriminate adversary, stealthily crept into her life, threatening to shatter the very foundation she paid for by sweat and blood for her family to stand on. With each passing day, the insidious disease eat away at her vitality, and life time savings. Despite her valiant fight, Rahmat succumbed to the merciless grasp of cancer, leaving her children orphaned and adrift in a world suddenly devoid of maternal devotion.

In the wake of Rahmat’s passing, her children found themselves facing an uncertain future, stripped of the guiding hand that had once shielded them from life's hardships. In a society where familial bonds are deeply cherished, the absence of relatives to provide support compounded their grief and isolation. The only fate left for them is to move to a rural area where their father lives and where school will be difficult to attend, if they are spared from early marriage which is a common practice in the area.

I know Rahmat through my sister who lived in Saudi Arabia same time as Rahmat’s. After hearing her story and her passing, driven by her unwavering spirit, I promised myself to offer a helping hand to the family to raise fund to at least help them remain in the town.

The money raised will help them embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment defying the odds stacked against them. Extended families can become adoptive parents giving them the chance to finish their primary school and band together surrounded by the memories of their mother’s love.

Though the road ahead is filled with challenges, I hope and pray that their hearts will forge a path of resilience and determination. Let us extend our love and support to the orphaned siblings to honor their mother's memory as they navigate the turbulent waters of grief and loss.

“Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the first fruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine”

Thank you!!!

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