Raising capitol for tech design to help my Country recover.

Raising capitol for tech design to help my Country recover.

From Justin L Young

Hello my goal is to raise this capitol for a tech design, which will enable me to donate a huge portion to the Bahamas.

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Hello, I have been a gamer all my lifetime and still like to play video games. As a male adult I know I should have put this away a long time ago and I did. It wasn't until my oldest child told me she was interested in the PlayStation 4 I bought one for her. This was summer of last year when I bought her one. The reason she wants one is to do a game channel on YouTube for fun. So, I got back into playing video games after years of not playing. During the pandemic, it allowed me a lot of time to play during these last few months and gradually I started to see my gamertag ranking on most of the hottest single player such as Batman Arkham Knight, Spiderman, Just Cause 3 and 4 and others. So while I was playing one of the games it hit me, what's missing from this system? So I have a design on a idea for an accessory to the PlayStation system and would like funding to bring this to countless amount of homes. 

History, the PlayStation 4 sold over 100,000,000 systems since its inception and with the launch of the PS5 later today this year, I can guarantee the buzz around anything PS will be in the for front of all gamers such as myself. Thank you and check it for yourself, I am sure most of you reading this already own a PS4 and if your like me waiting the release of the PS5. I just hope to produce a product that will reach half of this crowd, with possible returns in the billions. Oh my gamertag  is Slinger433, but I have it blocked from friends invite. I had to many young children sending me invites and was being cautious to not be communicating with a minor without their parents permission. Thank you for your time.

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