Raising funds for necessary Car Repairs needed

Raising funds for necessary Car Repairs needed

From Aimee OBrien

I am raising money in order to make the necessary auto repairs needed in order for myself and children to have a safe and reliable vehicle.

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   There were very few people who came to our aid after the March 3, 2017 Crime date, those who did are the brave and strong and I am forever grateful. One of the bravest strongest purely love Warrior women I have ever known, Erica looked at me and said "There are those who will get it and those who will never understand" and that I will have many mountains to climb, that it will only get harder. She was right, it has gotten harder. 

  They say the worst abuse is denying there was abuse, I agree. The crime occurred and was published publicly yet everyone seems to be acting as if nothing ever happened. 

   My children and I were left homeless shortly after the Crime by my abusers parents who own the home in which we lived. My abusers parents are also responsible for his income as they are his employers, their Family home the place of business and have paid all his legal fees in both Criminal and Family Court system. 

   My abuser was offered a plea and served no jail time, no formal Restitution was ordered to be paid, he was sentenced to Probation, an 8 year Civil Order of Protection was issued with the added clause of Subject to Subsequent Family Court Orders regarding the child of the Defendant. His Criminal case file and entire RAP Sheet was sealed on Conviction. 

   Every attempt I have made to heal myself and my children has been met with extreme resistance, every violation reported has fallen on dead ears or have served as a means of retaliation and I have been forced to spend the past two years of our lives in the Family Court system defending myself against the false allegations made by my abuser. Very difficult to fully heal and move forward when you are forced to endure continued exposure to your abuser, very difficult when you are isolated from Family needing to ask your abusers permission to move. Almost impossible to start a new career in order to financially support yourself and children when you are repeatedly forced to be present in Court and forced to meet the scheduling demands set by your abusers Attorney. Financial hardships I face as the direct result of my abusers actions are astronomical, my Mothers life savings spent on an Attorney in Hope's of me maintaining Full Custody, there is a judgement against me in Civil Court for debt incurred as the result of being a victim of ongoing Domestic Violence.

    I did a big, brave, really hard thing and got out of a really bad situation in order to save my life and improve the quality of my children's lives, sadly, our lives have become more difficult due to an unjust Judicial system who has allowed for continued Victimization making it almost impossible for me to survive here financially as a single Mother to two children- more mountains to climb. I am seeking financial donations in order to make the necessary repairs to my vehicle so that I am able to safely transport myself and my two children and in order for me to maintain employment. 


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