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From Firouze Rahman, Manuel Marmol, Armaan Ali, Sarah Joree, and Ana Trias -Labellarte

We are raising money to help low-income Muslim families during Ramadan. Donations will be used to buy food for their sehri / suhoor and iftar before and after each day of fasting. Please support and share our campaign!

Firouze Rahman, Manuel Marmol, Armaan Ali, Sarah Joree, and Ana Trias -Labellarte

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Ramadan is the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar and all Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk everyday if they are physically able to, especially since it is one of the five pillars of Islam. We believe that Ramadan is the month that angel Jibril (Gabriel) revealed the Quran, Islam’s holy book, to Prophet Muhammad (swt) in 610. Fasting symbolizes separating ourselves from worldly pleasures, and helps us make sure that we don’t let materialistic things get in the way of our piety. It’s not only physical fasting, but also religious and spiritual fasting. It’s a time to renew and improve our relationship with Allah (God), and the reward for good deeds is multiplied during this time. It also serves as a reminder of the less fortunate, with us feeling a small fraction of the hunger and thirst that they feel on a daily basis, helping us remain grateful for what we have.

Fajr is the morning prayer and the first out of the five daily prayers Muslims pray. This is also the cutoff time for being able to eat that day, and it is before sunrise. Muslims wake up to eat a meal called sehri or suhoor before it is time for Fajr, to help ensure that we have enough energy and nutrients to make it through the day. The fast is then broken when it is time for Maghreb, the fourth prayer at sunrise, with a meal called iftar. Some people eat a small portion of food, pray, and then return for a larger meal, and some eat an entire meal during iftar before they pray.

We want to help local low-income Muslim families get sufficient and delicious food for their sehri / suhoor and iftar during Ramadan. It is a very special and meaningful time for all Muslims around the world, and it would make their month a lot better if they had good food for before and after a long day of fasting. This will help them be rewarded for their religious and spiritual efforts throughout the day, and help put a smile on their face! Small acts of kindness can have big impacts, so even a dollar would help immensely :)

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