Recently divorced single father of three daughters.

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Recently divorced single father of three daughters.

From Shane Harris

I am raising money to help fight the legal system to make fathers just as important as mothers in the life of their children. It's fruitful of the judges to believe fathers are not worthy of being with their children.

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Thanks for taking the time to read part of my life story:

            I have, after 6 years, finally proved to the court that I am an important part of my girl's life. I still ask myself everyday what my girls would be doing if they were never taken from me under a phony made up ex-parte (one side of the story) restraining order. I lost my job as the ex was in a secret relationship with employer so after I caught them in the act, I was terminated for made up allegations, the court has tried all its power to keep my kids from me, but I WAS NOT GIVING UP! I ran out of money very quick se had to let my attorney go and started researching all the issues myself. Many nights with no sleep as legal research are not the easiest task, but I knew I had to do it for my kids. I have now got legal joint physical and joint legal custody of my girls. 

         I want to take my knowledge I have received threw many hours of research and share with fathers in the same situation I was in a Short time ago, I have learned that even most attorneys also will not fight to a fathers benefit but rather just try and have the father take an  offer of every other weekend and no legal custody just so the lawyer can avoid doing court trial. This is a fraud upon the client as they were hired for their ridiculous amount, they believe their time is worth just to feed you with lies. I know now that if I still had attorneys working for me, I would not be anywhere close to where I am today and would be even farther in debt. 

 Thanks for taking your valuable time out of your personal life to read about my life and how I want to help others. 

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