My Story: The Journey of Love, Regret and Hope

My Story: The Journey of Love, Regret and Hope

From Paige Speakman

As a mom who regrettably placed her son for adoption in the past, I am now seeking help to rectify my mistake and to mend our past and our hearts.

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My journey in life has been something of a rollercoaster, with both ups and downs. I've faced tough times and been kept going by the determination to give my son the kind of love and support he deserves. Back when he was just a child, I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. I thought I was doing the best for him and gave him up for open adoption, but over time, I came to regret this decision and have spent countless hours working to mend our relationship.

Fast forward to now, my son's a young man and we are working together to fill the gap of the missed years, trying to build the connection that we lost due to circumstances beyond our control. He is going through things in his own life and needs me now more than ever. This is what I’ve waited so long for and being close to him again makes my heart smile so big, but right now, I'm dealing with several new challenges all at once and have a lot on my plate.

About a year ago I began experiencing some ongoing medical issues which make it difficult for me to maintain stable employment. Despite my efforts, complications with insurance companies have added an unexpected layer of stress to our lives. As a result, I find myself in danger of losing our home, a situation that keeps me awake at night. The possibility of losing our home and car absolutely terrifies me. I would somehow be ok if it were still just myself and find a way but I just want to provide the stability that my son so rightfully deserves and my heart breaks that he now has to have this extra worry and strain on him. 

The love I hold for my son has remained constant, even throughout the years we were separated. My determination to make amends for the choices I made and to be the mother he deserves is unshakable. I've faced mental and emotional hurdles stemming from the decision I felt forced into making, but I have persevered. Now, I find myself in a position where I can offer emotional and moral support, yet financial circumstances are holding me back from providing the stability and security we need.

What sets our situation apart is the depth of love and the desire to right a past wrong. My story is one of pushing through personal challenges, emotional turmoil, and societal pressures. I want to show my son the importance of never giving up, of facing adversity head-on, and of working to better oneself despite the odds. The connection we share is a testament to the strength of the bond between a mother and her child, even when circumstances pull them apart.

I must admit that seeking assistance is not something I'm comfortable with; it's not a path I've ever envisioned for myself. However, my desperation to provide a stable home for my son and to make up for lost time and opportunities has led me to a point where I'm forced to ask for help. This situation goes beyond pride – it's about ensuring my son's well-being and showing him the values of determination, resilience, and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure a better future.

By sharing my story, I hope to convey not only the challenges we face but also the strength that fuels my resolve to navigate these challenges and emerge stronger. Your support would not just alleviate a financial burden; it would provide a lifeline toward stability and the chance to offer my son the support he deserves.

That's my journey so far, thank you for taking the time to read. 


Paige and Cj


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