Resilient Mama

Resilient Mama

From Qiana Hightower

Hardworking, independent, single, parent unfortunately now unemployed. In need of support with bills that have piled up, and other everyday expenses. Unable to get a loan as my credit has now suffered because of this.

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Sigh...this is such a vulnerable situation to be in. So bear with me as I share a bit of my story. I am typically the one that is happy to lend a helping hand to others in need (and I still do). Babysitting, donating snacks to my daughter's class room, volunteering at her school, providing transportation to those in need, these are the types of things that bring me joy. However stress impacted my health and I found myself unemployed. 

Thank goodness my health has improved however the job search has been a bit tougher than I anticipated and so getting back to work has been a slow process. I filed for unemployment over a month ago but it is a long process to be determined eligible and receive any funds. They do not provide back pay. 

I also did not receive my 2019 return, it's not a large sum but at this point every dollar counts. I have been calling the IRS regularly yet I am told to be patient as they are back logged. All the while the car note, credit card, before/after care fees, car insurance, medical bills are piling high. It is discouraging to see my credit tanking this way and having to stay indoors because we literally can not afford to go anywhere or do anything during this time. 

To help with my depression I was approved by my doctor and had scheduled lipo of the midsection to help with my confidence (please don't judge me). It has been a LONG journey towards loving myself more after having my daughter. My ex cheated on me and dumped me a few months ago and it was really tough pulling myself out of that slump. The surgery is this Thursday which means I would need to travel on this Wednesday to Texas. I was really excited about this but without me being able to bring in income I don't know how I will be able to pay for that bill, travel, and nurse care.  I had planned to pay for it all on my own, a gift to myself. 

However now both my checking accounts are in the negative. My phone is at risk to be cut off, my insurance has been canceled, and I received emails also saying my credit score dropped tremendously due to unpaid bills. I signed up to try Door Dash and am unable to do it now due to the insurance being canceled a few days ago. Sigh, I am literally speechless because this should not be my life right now! 

My daughter and my faith are what keep me going during this tough time. I cannot give up or let her see me break down or discuss the financial distress we are facing. That's us on her first day of fourth grade this year in the picture! Her smile lights up any room. She's such a sweet girl! I am blessed to be her mommy. I listen to Joel Osteen daily and I know things will get better. I even hope to start my own business one day. I have a few ideas and plan to challenge myself when I get back on my feet. 

As I was searching on YouTube for ways to advance my skills and generate income for us I learned of this support option and decided to give it a try due to some time restraints with my bills. I have prayed and asked God for peace. I know he will send the right people our way to help during this time. Never would I have thought I'd miss being able to go grocery shopping and pack lunch for my child. This may seem trivial to some but all of this is very important to us and any help you feel compelled to provide would mean so much! Thank you in advance for being a kind help! Just know it is appreciated! To whoever is reading, God bless you!

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