Ronda Needs Your Help

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Ronda Needs Your Help

From Natalie Donovan

We're trying to raise money to help my sister Ronda. She has had a continuing series of hardships, and is in desperate need of some help.

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Ronda Scott-Marak, and her husband, Roman have had a series of unfortunate events and tragedies in their family, and Roman’s business has yet to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ronda was like a mother to me growing up, so I created this Fundly page to try to help her out. Her situation is very dire.

Last year, our mother died, leaving Ronda responsible for paying mom’s condominium’s Homeowner’s Association fees, Special Assessment Fees, utilities and insurance. The condo can’t be sold or rented because it was a reverse mortgage, and the bank has yet to reclaim it, so the fees remain. Unfortunately, Ronda and Roman have already gone broke trying to meet these and their own obligations and are now in danger of bankruptcy and losing their own home. So, I am turning to you, her friends, and others who have compassion for their situation in the hopes that you have the ability to help them.

Ronda has been taking College courses on a scholarship to earn an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science and Interior Design. She is doing this to help her and her husband meet their daily living expenses, as his work as an interior remodeler, craftsman and finish carpenter has dwindled over the years, especially since the Great Recession of 2008. She has only three more classes to go, and just before age 70, she will finally graduate. Sadly, her ancient car has become unroadworthy, and she has to drive an hour each way to class. Once she graduates, she can again be a greater part of their small business, find a part-time job working as a designer, and continue to help Roman to regrow his business.

Ronda’s car is beyond repair, their home has appliances that need to be replaced, and they are juggling bills just to make the payments. A used car would help enormously so that Ronda can get to school to complete her degree and any job so that Roman, whose van was hit and has been in a months-long insurance hellhole waiting to be repaired, can return to and continue to work. Please help them to help themselves by donating toward a goal of $20,000, which is the price of the least expensive, safe car they can find, with the best chance of lasting reliably for years since it will be the last car they’ll own.

So many of you know Ronda and how much of a big-hearted person she is. She cares so much for her friends, who are her extended family, and always goes out of her to help whenever she can. She would very much prefer to give than to receive, and truth be told, she is embarrassed to have to ask for help. The problem is that she and Roman are in dire straights.

Those of you who know her know that Ronda could never bring herself to ask her friends for anything, so  I am asking on her behalf. Please consider helping her and Roman out so that she can finish her coursework and remain self-sufficient. Ronda had been working at an hourly wage, part-time job at a local shop, barely making enough additional to pay her utilities, but that job ended last week. The double whammy is not just the job loss but the fact that the job was within walking distance from home, meaning she could skip the worry about her car breaking down on her or the need for her husband to use it while his truck is being repaired.

Finally, Ronda has not been widely open about this; she has early macular degeneration. Like our mother, her vision is likely to continue to worsen until she needs a magnifier to read, and she will eventually be unable to comfortably drive; she already avoids driving at night.

Please, please, please …

 Do what you can. Anything and everything will help this strong, proud woman who would give you the shirt off her back but doesn’t know how to ask for help.

 Thank you!

Natalie Donovan

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